28 Jul 2017


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Kaz, Dave, Koster, Uday, Daniel, Sebastian, Darko, Achille, Yongjing, Victor
Maria, Soumya, Benjamin


<kaz> scribenick: mjkoster

Agenda bashing

sebastian: invited Mozilla to talk about their TD proposal
...topics: what is our feedback on the Mozilla proposal?
... what is needed in the TD update?
... vocabulary
... issues and current status
... any other topics?
... 1st point, what was the outcome of the Mozilla discussion?

Summary of Wednesday's call about the member submission of Mozilla --> what are the next steps?

<kaz> July 26 minutes

<kaz> Ben's blog

<kaz> Ben's proposal

dsr: Mozilla prefer to contribute to the IG, since the approach is still being developed

sebastian: the Mozilla proposal is similar to Dave's proposal

mkoster: Mozilla produced an example with @context and @type used as an extension

sebastian: seems like syntactic sugar

dsr: syntactic sugar is important to developers

darko: the reason for using RDF is extension to the harder use cases

<dsr> [We’ve seen the importance of notations with the dominance of Turtle vs RDF/XML and JSON vs XML

darko: RDF is needed to process the data in the more complex applications

<dsr> +q to note that it is very easy to formally convert JSON to triples using default context and a simple algorthm - we can easily apply validation and semantic processing

darko: the usefulness for industry applications is more important than the way the file looks

sebastian: there should be a default mapping to RDF from the simple json

dape: same comment as darko, the difference is marginal and potential large impact
... can JSON-LD 1.1 and shape languages work together?

dsr: shape constraints work on triples, so yes

sebastian: would like to hear from schema.org

darko: they use rdfa on web pages

sebastian: the Mozilla proposal doesn't focus on mapping to RDF

kaz: to summarize, Mozilla was not interested in scripting API but is interested in TD serialization and protocol binding
... Matthias asked Mozilla to bring specific proposals to the IG, we can evaluate them at that time.
... I also asked him to join the IG officially.

sebastian: also having the serialization discussion JSON-LD vs. turtle in iotschema

Next TD deliverables

sebastian: dsr proposal for organizing deliverables; issue 19

<kaz> issue 19

dsr: follow best practices for vocabularies
... specification document describing the vocabulary and serialization

victor: wrote a script to generate tables from the vocabulary files

<kaz> -> @@@ victor's write-up tbd

victor: update the turtle file and automatically generate the HTML

kaz: would victor send the information to the member list?

<victor> https://github.com/vcharpenay/wot-thing-description

kaz: also send email
... btw, to clarify, the Mozilla document is not an official W3C Member submission though it used the specific CSS and had a title of "member submission".

dape: should there be a quick start in the beginning of the document, or a separate document?

dsr: agree on separate primer document

sebastian: JSON-LD has a good example of a primer

kaz: editor meeting doodle in progress, waiting for all of the responses
... so far August 2nd, 1pm Europe time is the best candidate because all the responded Editors can make it.

Vocabularies in the TD name space

<kaz> TD namespace file

issues around how to organize the HTML, htaccess, etc

victor: we need to decide on content negotiation for a set of media types and directories

kaz: let's clarify our requirements, e.g., on the Member list (member-wot-wg@w3.org) and talk with the W3C system team

<dsr> Best practice recipes for publishing RDF vocabularies https://www.w3.org/TR/swbp-vocab-pub/

<dsr> which talks about apache .htaccess files

<DarkoAnicic> WoT Onotolgy (current location): http://iot.linkeddata.es/def/wot/index-en.html already serves few formats, e.g., turtle, XML...

Remaining TD issues

<kaz> TD issues

sebastian: organize a plan of action so we can track the activity
... including milestones
... also report/tracking of the protocol binding activity
... also would like to set up the same for TD serialization
... metadata for protocol bindings and dynamic URIs - discussion for 3 weeks from now
... JSON-schema to RDF
... use github milestones

<kaz> [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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