27 Jul 2017

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<MichaelC> https://github.com/w3c/wcag21/pull/308

DMacD: We've been working on the ePub stuff.

MC: Its on Andrews radar..
... We are picking up the thread, David was involved in that.
... The conformance change is pretty simple but wanted to make sure we touched on it.
... Anything else?

<alastairc> What's the deadline for understanding docs for the SCs in?

<alastairc> Need an SC manager for Animation from interactions #18. I could do that, but I was the one that added it in the first place...

DMacD: We want to get the MATF SCs looked at..

If you could take that up Alastair that would be great :-)

MC: Are they on the mobile TF list?

DMacD: yup

MC: Ok, they are on both Davids list etc.
... The chairs will be asking next week for your priorities.
... Last thoughts?

AC: What about Understanding docs?

MC: They are not on the same timelines.
... Those docs support existing SCs..
... I'd like to see one come along as it will help with review and as a publish editors drafts I've been publishing Understanding docs.

AC: I've been balancing these things.

KP: Does concurrent input mech have a URI?
... My memory is that what was needed was more user examples and use cases.
... There are more now on Github.

DMacD: Its just not been formatted properly.
... Links to definitions etc.

<david-macdonald> https://github.com/w3c/wcag21/issues/64

KP: Anyone assigned?

DMacD: KathyW

MC: I'm not seeing anyone there, its not recorded on the SC Manager page.
... They could fall out of sync.

JOC: I also thought this had got thru.

KP: I thought this had got thru.

<MichaelC> also Concurrent Input Mechanisms is a MATF priority

MC: Ok, this will help.

JOC: I will send agenda etc
... Thanks all

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