Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

24 Jul 2017

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dsinger, Bert, Alan, Aleecia, Brendan, Mike, Shane


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mikeoneill: Roy didn’t like a change on DNT as a general purpose signal, though he was the one who requested the change. not clear what to do to resolve this though section 5.3 (?) covers it a bit already
... basically we’re already there, now just how to explain and make clearer to implement

bert: seems very close but Roy thinks it’s not ready, would like a message from him

mikeoneill: i’m reasonably happy with it, think it’s implementable. if there are still issues i’ll do more work

(apparently not)

discussion between mikeoneill & wileys on how things could have been better done from the start, i’m skipping this one on the grounds we’re already long past any major changes

(i’m taking this as we’re all just chatting. if someone disagrees feel free to capture it)

<wileys> Thank you Aleecia :-)

<wileys> A bit of a grey area remains for mid-session DNT state changes

(basic tension: mike wanted events, shane / david singer think there are refresh one way or another pretty frequently anyway so you don’t need crisp real-time DNT changes; but really we’ll see if implementing causes problems or not)

aleecia: do we have an implementation report template? how long to send comments?

bert: no template, timing is up to us

mikeoneill: comments can go to the dlist
... a bit academic at the moment

dsinger: we need a stable draft for CR
... then give people a reasonable amount of time, a week or two?

mikeoneill: to implement & report back?

dsinger: oh no, to read the final draft and then release to CR.

(david suggests, effectively, we freeze the document and have final WG review for 1-2 weeks before release)

mikeoneill: discussion of pending and recent changes
... promises are pretty widely accepted, can make changes if people think it’s worth doing, but i’d rather get it out to CR

bert: don’t see that as necessary
... seems ok as it is
... would like to hear from Roy, otherwise we don’t need changes

(Roy is likely on vacation for 2 weeks)

dsinger: roy sent regrets for this call, and mschunter is out-of-office

bert: david, can you do edits?

dsinger: i’ll ping roy and see if he wants help

bert: need text to review in the WG as you say, but hard to start if it’s not final
... any outstanding edits?

wileys: we’re holding off until there’s final text

(there’s a bunch from me that i’m not submitting — it’s not worth derailing)

wileys: can only ask for full review and sign-off from our side ONCE, so want to get it right
... get me stable text and can do that

bert: will try to contact roy

dsinger: just did
... if there’s anything more than editorial, we’ll talk about it.

bert: other topics to talk about today?

mikeoneill: changing to permission from exception. issue: can get confusing

dsinger: i changed this two years ago!

mikeoneill: name space conflict with other docs

dsinger: we shouldn’t change it this late in the game; also have compliance doc

mikeoneill: java script exceptions, how do you throw an exception to get an Exception

bert: just call them user-granted exceptions and it’s ok
... we have more time?

aleecia: would rather get time back for the rest of my day

dsinger: if i should have chaired, sorry

bert: don’t see any request for you to do so
... call to adjourn


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