14 Jun 2017


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Michael_McCool, Kaz_Ashimura, Daniel_Peintner, Dave_Raggett, Kunihiko_Toumura, Matthias_Kovatch, Michael_Koster, Taki_Kamiya, Zoltan_Kis, Achille_Zappa, Johannes_Hund, Katsuyoshi_Naka, Kazuaki_Nimura, Masato_Ohura, Takeshi_Yamada, Keiichi_Tokuyama, Yongjing_Zhang
Michael_McCool, Kaz


<mkovatsc> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#Agenda

<kaz> scribenick: McCool

<kaz> scribe: Michael_McCool


no BigIoT call today; will be at Dusseldorf F2F; Bosch will therefore be at OpenDay

add quick update about "marketing" to the agenda

also policy about observers to F2F logistics

also outreach

<mkovatsc> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#14_June_2017

(all above items under review of chair's meeting)

cross-task-force collaboration

to discuss collab of Security, Scripting, and Architecture

quick updates

will be T2T update in Prague

<mkovatsc> https://github.com/t2trg/2017-07-wishi/blob/master/AGENDA.md

Tim Carey, with Nokia

<yongjing_> hi my browser collapsed again.

<yongjing_> will connect the audio soon and provide some info regarding the oneM2M representative in T2TRG Workshop

T2T will have talks from many "unions" or groups: OMA, IPSO, oneM2M, OCF, iot.schema.org, Haystack, Fairhair, etc

a reequest template was sent around with list of specific questions to answer/discuss

one or two pages in oneM2M will discuss WoT semantic interop, home appliance information models

will be similar to what Yongjing has presented in WoT F2F previously

Matthias to see if can get aligned with them

Fairhair: metaspecification for BAC: BACnet, KNX, Zigbee; also interested in meta and binary representations of same

Haystack: taxonomy vs. ontologies

Sunday schedule not yet set... but will present on TD

another topic for discussion: hypermedia, perhaps a more straightforward approach than Hydra (who will not be presenting...)

name of the workshop includes this idea

Michael Koster: annotating hypermedia controls was previously discussed

Matthias: no registration fee needed, don't need IETF pass

but do need to register, deadline is 23 June

look at above link

<mkovatsc> https://github.com/t2trg/2017-07-wishi/


<inserted> scribenick: kaz

McCool: discussion during the f2f and the Chairs call
... have not got feedback yet
... audience includes both the W3C Members and non-Members
... Kaz and Dave talking with the Comm/BusDev Team
... impact of W3C's WoT
... how to improve materials?
... ask you for a paragraph, etc.
... discussion for a few minutes here?
... if there are no specific opinions now, we can continue the discussion on the group list

Matthias: sounds good

McCool: would put a more coherent plan with the W3C MarComm team

Matthias: hard to get opinions during the call directly
... materials from Osaka?

McCool: would do that within a few weeks
... presented slides during the f2f

<McCool> Matthias and Daniel also to be working on a proposal for an improved web presence

McCool: maybe could update them next week
... maybe should create a pull request?

Matthias: a flier on GitHub?

McCool: we can issues, etc., too

<inserted> scribenick: McCool

McCool: to create a pull request for vision discussion

kaz to create a marketing directory and/or repo

might be best to not include this discussion in the public eye...


for instance, AWS IoT/Greengrass; McCool looking into this

might be hard to get for Dusseldorf, but plan B would be to aim for TPAC

unless someone has a contact please talk to Michael

<mkovatsc> https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/tech-landscape/landscape.html

Matthias: would be good to update the technology landscape: needs both OpenFog and AWS GG

for those that joined recently, if you could take a look and suggest changes?

Michael to create a pull request, add AWS GG and OpenFog

correction: will just edit directly for AWS GG and OpenFog, but if others want to add something can also do so, via an issue if necessary

F2F logistics

<kaz> f2f registration results

last monday was the deadline to register...

kaz: 35 answers, 33 present, 2 remote

but, hotel information was distributed late; will re-open site so people can add hotel information and affiliation

also, several requests for observers; open day no problem, but also requests to observe plenary and breakout sessions

many are universities (eg PhD students) but also industrial, eg BMW

ok to attend, but we need to remind people of patent policy, etc.

kaz to make a presentation at the beginning of the meeting on W3C IP policy

Koster wants to invite someone from Google for iot.schema.org collab

if just presenting work already public, no problem; but technical contributions

kaz: we need to clearly mark which are IG and which are WG sessions

I think just putting IG and WG on each Agenda item would be a good start

also, agenda needs to be filled out

each TF needs to propose some set of breakouts, at least

there is now an "Input" section, we will schedule it later

<mkovatsc> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_9-13_July_2017,_D%C3%BCsseldorf,_Germany#Input

what we have so far...

BIGIoT project... specifically on marketplaces


Others? Matthias to reach out to Evrythng


Matthias to try and find a speaker on this topic...

one demo: wrap the following with a WoT interface: https://github.com/01org/SmartHome-Demo

Koster has a specific proposal for how to do protocol bindings that this should also test

TF reports - TD

want to conclude the current work on Friday, freeze it, then update current practices for plugfest

<mkovatsc> https://w3c.github.io/wot-thing-description/

<McCool_> scribe: McCool_

(sorry, got dropped, had to rejoin)

<inserted> scribenick: McCool_

regarding TD spec: a lot of work still needed at current practice document still depends heavily on examples, needs a clearer definition of type system, etc

kaz: material for plugfest version?

Matthias: create osaka folder, capture previous test material

Scripting API TF report

joint call with security TF on monday

discussion of how to separate security contexts

what assumptions can script writers make? See issue 30

<jhund> https://github.com/w3c/wot-scripting-api/issues/30

issue with small device with only one context, vs cloud with multiple tenants, vs gateway that might add drivers

there are several different scenarios that affect how security is handled; we have to decide what we can safely ignore

also discussed protocol binding as a natural boundary

zoltan: protocol bindings fairly complex; need more experience

before we can draft what separation level is necessary

what do we want to abstract?

two other things brought up: firmware vs. dynamically loadable scripts

second issue was what metadata is needed, what prior work, web manifests, etc.

need to do threat analysis for various use cases

Security TF

we discussed smart home use case; list of relevant threats

next step would be a security architecture

Elena is expecting some additional input on appropriate use cases (and contexts, eg gateway, endpoint, cloud service, etc)

please do take the time to look at the threat analysis document and provide input

OCF Liaison

Koster presented his protocol binding proposal

will eventually make its way into a pull request to the TD

then presented Smart Home demo... still working on getting it working on actual hardware

then we have to actually implement a protocol binding... McCool to work on this, but probably won't be able to OSS it in time for F2F

but should at least be able to demonstrate it.

Matthias: anything else?

kaz: how to make the collab between various TFs work better?

maybe allocate some time for feedback during main call?

Matthias: when TF has something that needs to be shared, then it is in the main call

that is the whole idea of the updates, which should be focused on conclusions, not just we did this and did that

McCool: other option is just to schedule a joint meeting

kaz: will ask Kajimoto-san about his opinion

Matthias: adjourn!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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