Silver Task Force Teleconference

13 Jun 2017

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Research survey core research questions finalized

<Lauriat> Finalized on Friday!

<Lauriat> Researchers unblocked.

Research project sheet review

<Lauriat> Jan has a project manager who'll join community group and help manage researchers.

Questions from the COGA TF

<Jan> As you are probably aware, the COGA task force is being largely unsuccessful in getting any SCs into 2.1. There are many reasons for this, but Lisa wanted me to ask you guys a few questions as part of her effort to plan for the future:

<Jan> Will the Accessible Platform Architecture (APA) be part of what is potentially pulled into Silver?

<Jan> Will semantics for Personalization under ARIA be brought into Silver and under what conditions?

Shawn: Jan's response of "we don't know yet". We want Silver to be as inclusive as possible for people with disabilities, but we are in the research phase of the project and do not know the answers to specific questions.
... Jeanne and I had a conversation with the WCAG chairs about SCs that are not likely to get into 2.1.
... Silver is not a magic unicorn of a standard that will solve everyone's problems.
... we want to include people from COGA in the research we are doing.
... we need to include the research that COGA has already done
... we need to identify the structural parts of WCAG that need to be changed to better accommodate the needs and use cases of people with disabilities, including COGA.
... we want to include people from COGA in identifying the structural issues that need to be improved.

Jan: Dr Butler has some time available that she could use to start including the COGA research in our literature review.

Jeanne: Let's add this to the agenda on Friday, and invite Dr Butler to talk about it and start planning it.

Jan: We need to make the research structureand discoverable.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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