Silver Task Force Teleconference

06 Jun 2017

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jeanne, sarah, shawn, Jennison
Jan, Jemma


Research survey core research questions finalized

<jeanne> Shawn: I want to make sure we actually ahve finalized it.

<jeanne> Sarah: I don't have any updates to it.

Shawn: Dave needs to share with RQTF
... No other open comments on document

<Lauriat> Core Research Questions draft doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vDzSCO-mEnPB7jaAzIhOOLf92b0pCuzzR8u_GSWTw_M/edit

Shawn: two sections, one is core questions, second for those who work in accessibility

Jeanne: Why are we asking about employment status

Sarah: Part of demographic information, who are we hearing from

Shawn: Next step is to hear back from Dave about feedback from RQTF

Jeanne: Will close this on Friday

Research project sheet review

<jeanne> Sarah: I heard back from Pete McNally. He has revised his survey based on the core questions and he is ready to go.

<jeanne> ... he just needs us to give the ok on the core questions.

<jeanne> ... I have no other ideas. I fear the Michigan State people have dropped off because they haven't responded.

<jeanne> Jennison: Do we have a protocol of saying fond farewell gracefully, or do we just hope they will come back.

<jeanne> Sarah: I have a protocol of a message that I send saying that we are taking them off our active list, but if they want to contribute, please contact us.

<jeanne> Sarah: I followed up with Michael Heron that the task force has reviewed the prompts. Jam may have heard back from him, but I haven't.


<Lauriat> Research question prioritization poll: https://docs.google.com/a/google.com/forms/d/1wjB5ZCvMAIBpMkQELA61czFsRR3-EVdjJbyeaZXNRMY/edit

Shawn: Made some edits to make questions work as standalone

Jeanne: Question about making the required

Shawn: We decided to make them required, but it's pretty long
... Could break them up into sections, or make all the questions not required

Jennison: Vote to split it up, would have progress bar to show progress

Jeanne: Does Google Forms have ability to have progress bar be name of category?

Shawn: Can have each page named, but progress bar shows current status

Jeanne: Could we have a menu page with table of contents

Shawn: Yes, can do that
... Include table of contents, break up questions into sections, and make questions optional

Jennison: How about question, what are we missing?

Shawn: Will add that
... Will finalize poll and description
... Next step, Jennison has draft communication, send to community group mailing list, ag-wg, targeting send out next wekk, Monday or Tuesday

Jeanne: Could get on AG-WG agenda to promote

Action item review


Jeanne: Do we need to review?

Shawn: We added as agenda item because things weren't happening
... Let's talk about action items coming up this week
... Reach out to a11y meetup organizers, heads up on Silver work, ways to get involved

Jeanne: Also link to CSUN presentation

Jennison: Could we also say someone from Silver could address meetup

Shawn: Depends on community, for some just an email, for others might want to have as topic

Jennison: Happy to do it, will work with Shawn

Shawn: Draft communication to stakeholders, is done, need to set up WBS form to go with it

Jeanne: Do we want to work on it now?

<jeanne> action-68 due 12 June

<trackbot> Set action-68 With shawn and sarah draft a communication with the stakeholders. due date to 2017-06-12.

Jeanne: Work with Dave on budget, move due date to Friday

<jeanne> action-81 due 9 June

<trackbot> Set action-81 Talk with dave to draw up a budget to support research - particularly self-reporting studies. due date to 2017-06-09.

Sarah: Will share bonus survey idea on Friday

Jeanne: Jennison arranging Nov 9 meetup, will check with him on Friday

Shawn: Won't be on Friday call

Jeanne: Meeting with Jemma this week to talk about literature review
... Will make sure copyright is part of discussion
... Jan and Jeanne meeting this week to work on policies for stakeholder list

<scribe> Scribe: Sarah

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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