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Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 25 April 2017
13:34:11 [Lauriat]
13:34:28 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Research project sheet review
13:34:35 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Stakeholder agreement approved and finalized (for Jan)
13:34:39 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Social media and outreach priorities and next steps
13:34:40 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Core research questions for the surveys
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Zakim, next item
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agendum 1. "Research project sheet review" taken up [from Lauriat]
13:38:17 [SarahHorton]
present+ Sarah, Shawn
13:38:31 [SarahHorton]
regrets+ Jeanne, Dave, Jennison
13:38:44 [SarahHorton]
present+ Jemma
13:39:16 [SarahHorton]
chair: Shawn
13:39:21 [SarahHorton]
Scribe: Sarah
13:39:31 [SarahHorton]
present+ Jan
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13:40:59 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Had two meetings, Nancy Alajarmeh and Bob Dodd
13:41:45 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Nancy working on education, going to fill out three bullets to define research interests, did research questions, meeting again next Monday
13:42:08 [jemma]
present+ JaEunJemmaKu
13:42:18 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Bob has four projects underway, interested in matching Silver questions with current projects
13:42:32 [jemma]
who is here
13:42:51 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Meeting again on Thursday, meeting with other partners this week
13:43:06 [jemma]
zakim, who's here?
13:43:06 [Zakim]
Present: Sarah, Shawn, Jemma, Jan, JaEunJemmaKu
13:43:07 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Needs to update project tracking
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13:45:23 [jemma]
sarah: had the follow up with pete about the survey
13:45:43 [jemma]
sarah: we need to solidify some thinking and we will be ready to go
13:46:42 [jemma]
sarah: in regards to David Swallow, he is going to join May2 call - working on diary studies, specific questions for his own studies
13:47:22 [jemma]
sarah: regarding to compensation for diary participants, jeann will look into that issue
13:48:01 [jemma]
sarah: we will also figure out detailed survey questions, need access to stakeholder list to send out survey.
13:48:25 [jemma]
sarah: he will do kick off of his study on may 22
13:48:56 [SarahHorton]
zakim, take up next
13:48:56 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Stakeholder agreement approved and finalized (for Jan)" taken up [from Lauriat]
13:49:19 [jemma]
zakim, what is on the agenda?
13:49:19 [Zakim]
I see 3 items remaining on the agenda:
13:49:20 [Zakim]
2. Stakeholder agreement approved and finalized (for Jan) [from Lauriat]
13:49:20 [Zakim]
3. Social media and outreach priorities and next steps [from Lauriat]
13:49:20 [Zakim]
4. Core research questions for the surveys [from Lauriat]
13:50:37 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Wondering about stakeholder list, how to share with researchers
13:51:16 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Check in again once Jeanne and Michael are able to attend, also email thread
13:51:46 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Jan can start email thread
13:52:37 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Wants to be able to explain stakeholder list and groups that are represented in stakeholder list
13:53:11 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Communicate with stakeholders about their role, and communicate with researcher about how to use stakeholders
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13:53:38 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Stakeholder map is available for peopel to look at
13:54:31 [SarahHorton]
13:55:01 [SarahHorton]
zakim, take up next
13:55:01 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Social media and outreach priorities and next steps" taken up [from Lauriat]
13:55:24 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Jennison will take on outreach for next six months
13:55:51 [SarahHorton]
13:55:57 [SarahHorton]
zakim, take up next
13:55:57 [Zakim]
agendum 3 was just opened, SarahHorton
13:56:13 [SarahHorton]
zakim, take up item 4
13:56:13 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "Core research questions for the surveys" taken up [from Lauriat]
13:56:25 [jemma]
13:57:57 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: These are questions that we would include on all surveys and stakeholder involvement
13:58:57 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: These are starting with questions from Pete's survey
13:59:18 [SarahHorton]
Jan: Will follow up with Dr Butler to get input
13:59:26 [SarahHorton]
Jemma: Can add comments
14:01:33 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Best thing if you have specific ideas is to add to the questions, but comments are okay, too
14:05:40 [SarahHorton]
Shawn: Sarah will propose setting a date on collecting feedback on the mailing list
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agenda cleared
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