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11 Apr 2017

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RIck Johnson, Dave Cramer (dauwhe), Ivan Herman, Avneesh Singh, George Kerscher, Wolfgang Schindler, Mateus Teixeira, Bill McCoy, Garth Conboy, Bill Kasdorf, Paul Belfanti, Liisa McCloy-Kelley, Cristina Mussinelli, Graham Bell, Leslie Hulse, Ryan Pugatch (rpug)
Rick Johnson


  1. Update on the WG charter
  2. update on SC
  3. action items
    1. Github repository
    2. Decision procedure
    3. IG transitions
    4. F2F meetings
    5. epubtest.org
    6. Edupub

<scribe> scribenick: dauwhe

Update on the WG charter

Rick_Johnson: update on WG charter
... lots of activity in the last week, and the last hours

ivan: yesterday evening, I thought we had no open issues on the charter
... I'd closed all the open issues
... this morning I woke up to four new issues
... the issues came from the Chrome team
... none of them were awkward
... I took care of them, commenting on all of them
... at this moment we are down to one open issue
... and I have a proposal for that
... Jeffery, the guy from Chrome, has been helpful but there's a large time difference

garth: Will this affect w3m review?

ivan: this is the Chrome review; I know that George has reached out to Apple
... the only thing I saw from that is that they're looking at if they can get resources for the WG
... so they may have no comments
... Mike Baker has forwarded charter to MS/Edge people
... as far as the process goes
... I have submitted the request to approve charter to W3M
... I told them this morning there were some new issues; they'll decide how to react
... I suggested they accept the charter conditionally
... I hope by Wednesday, when W3M meets, there will be no open issues

BillMcCoy: You'll be on that call?
... W3M asked some members for a pre-review of the charter which came back positive

ivan: Ralph and Wendy did raise issues, which are now closed

BillMcCoy: I'm hopeful that w3m will approve tomorrow
... you may know more about timeline

ivan: if we get green light on Wednesday, then it's up to me and Coralie
... the only problem is Good Friday is vacation day in France, as is Monday
... so it may be next week, but that's still in time for AC meeting

Rick_Johnson: good news

ivan: we will open a bottle of champagne after the vote :)
... all people who are w3c members, TPI or not, you should get your vote in. That's important.
... we need a certain number of votes to approve the charter... 20 or so
... but having votes from all publishing-related members is important

George: when we cast vote for charter, we also state we are committing human resources to the project

Bill_Kasdorf: I have a quick question
... does committing resources include me (as a representative of BISG)?
... is it sufficient

ivan: it's the AC rep of BISG that makes the commitment
... it just means this org will send a rep to the WG

BillMcCoy: the statement in the vote is that the organization "anticipates" sending resources; it's not a hard commitment

ivan: that's right

BillMcCoy: it's not a sign on the dotted line thing

Rick_Johnson: OK
... the rest of the agenda is action items or open items from our last meeting I want to run through

garth: what about other reviews?

Rick_Johnson: Mike Baker sent something to Microsoft

garth: We (Google) did raise some issues; but he's not our AC rep
... I have been in contact with Chris Wilson
... I don't have the official statement from Google that we're good, but I'm working on it

George: what Ivan said is correct; we heard from them and they're looking at what resources they may have

update on SC

Rick_Johnson: agenda 2: update on elections and Hachette
... the group asked the Steering Committee about elections
... the recommendation was that we start the process at the F2F in November
... details to be worked out there
... because of Pierre's illness, there was talk of backfilling his seat

George: I forwarded the recommendation that Luc fill that seat temporarily
... so we could invite Luc to the meetings

Rick_Johnson: the wording from Hachette was that Luc would stand in until Pierre could come back, or the election
... Ivan and BillMcCoy, anything we need to do officially?

ivan: the steering committee is not a w3c structure, so if the BG is OK with this, it's fine

BillMcCoy: The charter of the BG discusses the Steering Committee, etc
... it does not discuss stand-in procedures, so the SC can sort it out
... but it seems reasonable to me
... we just need to record what happens

Rick_Johnson: in the spirit of agenda item #4, we'll consider this a decision using the process
... Agenda item #3 and #4

action items

Rick_Johnson: open issue on creating a github repo, and also identifying the decision process language

Github repository

ivan: the repo is finished; I announced that
... I put Bill Kasdorf's document there

Rick_Johnson: Can you put that in IRC?

<ivan> BG's github repository: https://github.com/w3c/pub-bg

Decision procedure

ivan: I will do so
... the other thing, I thought I did that
... at the London F2F, I Put on IRC the reference to the charter

<ivan> Decision procedure in the charter: https://w3c.github.io/dpubwg-charter/#decisions

Rick_Johnson: the action item I had was for the chair to send that out

IG transitions

Rick_Johnson: Agenda #5, identification of transitional items from DPUB and where they should land
... anything you want to update us on?

garth: we did have a discussion a few meetings ago
... things like CSS liason, a11y
... we have resolved those process-wise
... or have put them in the charter
... we didn't come up with any we forgot
... I think the charter covers all this now

ivan: right

garth: I don't think there are further updates
... yesterday we talked about Latinreq
... which is why we didn't let Dave scribe :)
... having real pagination support, etc--that's an activity that will go forward in the WG
... Dave does need additional resources, of course

F2F meetings

Rick_Johnson: you also have item #6, on the June F2F

garth: it's looking likely that the first F2F for the PWG on June 22-23, hosted by Adobe in New York
... we would need the charter voted on 8 weeks ahead
... looks like we'll be OK on that
... the 2nd F2F would be at TPAC, Nov 6-10 in Burlingame, CA
... Rick, you were copied on that... there will be lots of publishing activity
... PWG meets MT, there's the BG meeting, there's the 2-day conference
... and the EPUB CG may meet for a couple of hours
... so we need to think about scheduling for all of this

Rick_Johnson: details on the June F2F are TK

garth: Leonard is out this week, but it's on my to-do list

Rick_Johnson: where is adobe?

garth: I don't remember :)

George: regarding booking travel
... I know that BISG has been thinking about an a11y summit
... on June 15, I was suggesting doing it on the 21st
... I don't know when I should book travel
... based on the 8-week rule

<graham> Adobe 1540 Broadway (thats near Times Square I think)

garth: my line to the IG/WG is that it's "pretty darn likely"

ivan: it's bad for our finances, but it's wise to wait until we see how the official charter vote goes
... there's a non-zero possibility that we get a formal objection
... there is a risk
... I haven't made a reservation yet
... we should at least wait until the charter vote has gone out to the AC

Rick_Johnson: the next two dominos are W3M meeting tomorrow, and confirmation from Leonard

ivan: it's all our individual risk then


Rick_Johnson: we will move on to item #7, epubtest.org

Bill_Kasdorf: my assignment was to ping Brian

<garth> Yep — if that’s the correct Adobe building, it’s between 6th & 7th Aves and 45th & 46th st — Bertelsmann Building. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Bertelsmann+Building,+149+W+45th+St,+New+York,+NY+10036/@40.7577806,-73.9867327,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c25855a02e56e3:0x6f4dd08961d9718b!8m2!3d40.757744!4d-73.9845181

Bill_Kasdorf: I haven't heard back from him yet
... I will continue to ping him
... I'm very interested in input from Dave and the CG before planning that
... as they have a big stake in that


Rick_Johnson: agreed. Thanks for owning that
... next item is mine, on EDUPUB
... I'm in both IMS/W3C and IDPF
... I've made a proposal to the steering committee and to IMS board
... how do we integrate with 3.1, what to we have the CG do, etc.
... I hope to share that after the Steering Committee meeting
... any questions?
... seeing no one in the queue, and having no items to discuss, we're done! See you in two weeks!

(beep beep beep beep beep)

<garth> LOL

<Rick_Johnson> thank you @dauwhe

[End of minutes]

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