05 Apr 2017



Kaz_Ashimura, Dave_Raggett, Elena_Reshetova, Feng_Zhang, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Michele_Blank, Takeshi_Yamada, Daniel_Peintner, Michael_Koster, Keiichi_Tokuyama, Yingying_Chen, Taki_Kamiya, Achille_Zappa, dsr, DarkoAnicic, Nan_Wang, Masato_Ohura, Johannes_Hund, James_Adams, Katsuyoshi_Naka



<kaz> scribenick: yingying_

McCool: any comments on the agenda?

Kaz: we should start discussion on the plugfest scenario

Daniel: not sure whether Matthias joined the co-chairs call.

McCool: no. It's cancelled.

Daniel: We had some internal discussion.

Kaz: Daniel could you talk about your idea during this call?

Daniel: Yeah.

McCool: is there anyone wanna give a presentation?


Security TF update

McCool: Elena is working on it.

OCF/IETF Meeting report

McCool: MoU under review

WoT Web pages

https://www.w3.org/WoT/ WoT landing page< br/> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/ WoT IG page
https://www.w3.org/WoT/WG/ WoT WG page

Daniel: coming up with one page which covers all the things in IG/WG for people to look at.
... some pages are out-of-date.

McCool: clean up stuffs. Move stuffs and create a summary page for it.

Dave: need to consider the target audiences. Tech or business people, W3C people or outside.

Daniel: for outside we should have one page.
... difficult to differentiate for IG/WG, etc.
... might make people confused.
... the landing page needs to restructure. One single entry page to all the stuff that we are working on.

McCool: one entry page. other working stuff on github.

Daniel: these 3 pages all look different.

Dave: community group which we want to bring flash light.

Daniel: put the efforts in a single page and make it clear.

Dave: who is the target audience?

Daniel: when people ask about the WoT, we can show them a single page. Currently even the styles of these pages are different.

Dave: IG serves for technical people. We need to serve different audience.

Daniel: not the content but the style.
... I can go ahead and check people internally. We need to have a common understanding.

Dave: need to consider the audience and serve different people with different information.

<kaz> relationship between wg and ig

Kaz: for example we have the above diagram to explain the WG and IG relationship.
... can we put something like this picture on the landing page to make it clear to people?

McCool: merge the content into the same system and it will look the same way.
... consolidate it first.

Kaz: I agree. We can separate the content and location first and figure out which content should go where.

McCool: prefer the system of the landing page.
... suggest to move everything here.
... adding the IG/WG relationship diagram in the top of the landing page.
... how can we do the consolidation?

Dave: first we need to include the community group into the diagram. Landing page with testimonials. IG page is wordpress. WG is in github.

Daniel: the github io is very simple for us to do many things. Then you end up with one system.
... that's also easier for us. We use github very frequently. I would prefer github and give away wordpress.

McCool: wordpress is for blog post?

Dave: yes. Blogging is part of the outreaching mechanism.

McCool: one style would be good. It could be a new system.

Dave: WordPress is mature tool for blogging. but hard for other purpose.

McCool: if we have the github, do we still need the blogging stuff.

Dave: would keep the W3C communication stuff.
... propose to get agreement on the target audience first.
... what are our aims and then figure out better way to meet them.

McCool: charter to understand requirements of audience, on-going communication on the blogging, links to important documents.
... all are important.
... missing the easy access.
... any volunteer?

Daniel: I can try to go ahead and work out proposal what I think would be good.

Kaz: agree with both Daniel and Dave.
... Daniel, could you please first create some sketch, maybe just manually at the beginning?
... also we should clarify which content are currently on which page
... and then which content should go to which page

Osaka F2F

<kaz> registration results

Kaz: I sent a reminder to the group for people to register. We had 18 people so far.
... some people like non-members would join the meeting especially the open day and the plugfest.
... is there anyone in this call would like to join the meeting but not registered yet.
... Koster, how about you?

Koster: I am planning it.

Darko: I have to skip this F2F meeting.

Elena: can not join.

McCool: how about Zoltan? not online.
... suggest to set a deadline for the preparation of PlugFest.

Johannes: not setup deadline for it. Maybe we can talk about it in next day. We need to agree to freeze on the TD, etc. for the PlugFest.

McCool: ask the TF to provide the days they decide.
... we should try to make the freeze day happen and make the scenario for the freeze spec.
... where to put the scenario?

McCool: we should put scenario in the wiki page.

<kaz> PlugFest scenario proposal on the f2f wiki

<mjkoster> We want to add linking to TD for composed devices and collections

<mjkoster> I will create a scenario for this

McCool: let me add a topic. Please add your scenarios here.
... maybe this is also what the TFs need to consider. If they would like to have some new features, maybe they need some test cases here.
... let's move on to the TFs progress.

TF progresses

McCool: let's first look at scripting API progress.

<kaz> Scripting summary

Kaz: mainly talked about Nimura-san's proposed Rationale document. also talked about how to the IG scripting issues to the new repository.

McCool: TD summary?

<kaz> TD minutes

Taki: we went through the issues. We need get into details of these issues.
... we discuss whether we should file the issue on the IG or WG repository. No conclusion yet.
... after that we again discussed Maria's TD model.
... this time we went through some questions to Marie, e.g. href should go into two entities? should we differentiate the physical thing and virtual thing.
... Sebastian will make some change request. Based on the CR, we will have further discussion on it.

Darko: Linked Data and Semantic progress. We are still working on the scope.

<kaz> LD minutes

<DarkoAnicic> https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/TF-LD_charter.md

Darko: we have four points. First LD for app and platform contract, TD recipe, Domain specific vocabulary, and semantic constraint. It will still change. We also expect more issues to create. McCool raised the access for security.

Next meeting

McCool: agenda for next meeting. Who can chair next meeting? is there any volunteer?

Kaz: let's check with the other co-chairs.

Johannes: Just got some audio trouble but I sent a short summary of the scripting TF.

<kaz> [ Don't worry. Kaz had already given a brief report based on that summary :) ]

McCool: I just take the initiative for the agenda of next meeting. Please add agenda or presentation on the wiki.


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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