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08 Feb 2017

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Mountie, Michael, nick, marta, Colleen, Manu
Mountie, Marta


<mountie> mountie, colleen, manu, michael, nick (youngwhan lee)

<scribe> scribe: manu


Marta: We're still struggling with attendance, maybe because of upcoming meetings. We have two bigger items - use cases document...

<marta> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BNKQ-hNFIpROyzQRig7a7kTBcmclAQlbv3MCCZfhHiE/edit?usp=sharing

Use Cases document ^^^

Marta: Thanks everyone for contributing to the document.
... We're getting more and more content in the Use Cases document. A good introduction.
... Use Case Model is shaping up... beginnings are good.
... We need to talk about how to process this document.
... I like the refugee aid use cases... good use case there.
... We need to define/discuss tasks and requirements, need input ... we still have lots of notes to work on.
... Document is growing, especially the graph part is useful, visualizes where we're going... there are more things we want to add - supply chain use case, seems like a good one.
... Whoever put retail there may want to clarify. I think what would be useful in terms of document is to discuss on what level we want to work on those use cases, if we're talking about APIs, a lot will be combined about single API.

Introduction to Colleen ??

Colleen: I work at a financial services company, annuities and insurance. It's a critical part of fintech. I'm excited to join and help in any way that I can. I like the domain needs diagrams, are there any open source mind mapping tool. Functional decomposition of domain needs.

Mountie: That would be good, I think.

Colleen: I've worked with Mind Mapping tools, wondering if there is a good tool for collaborative mind mapping.

Use Cases Explanation

<marta> marta is scribing

<marta> manu: uc document is coming along, people who are not engaged on the call/mailing list are commenting which is great

<marta> there is a lot to be worked on

<marta> my hope is to get tasks assigned

<marta> e.g.. Coleen - there is a financial services section, so maybe you could add to there?

<marta> the purpose of the document is to convey to W3C what we will be working on

<marta> so its not really a mind mapping exercise, its more these are the technical solutions were working on

<marta> we are supposed to have 2-4 usecases

<marta> if were gonna have list that is not being implemented than the use case will be removed

Colleen: Since the use cases are selected, what do you mean by help implement?

<marta> Coleen: thanks, so that I understand : what does it mean to implement

<marta> manu: these are the things we want to, then gap analysis - what is missing on the web to achieve it, then proposal for a WG to create these features

<marta> and then its off for the technical work. Implementation means that there is a software developer that implements what we propose

<marta> coleen: thats very helpful

<marta> manu: user roles need absolutely more work

<marta> manu: were really struggling to coming up with the user roles

<marta> its at the bottom of page 3

<marta> the diagram at page 4 is a very restrictive mind map diagram

<marta> 2-4 use cases per domain

<marta> once a WG is created there is not a lot of time to actually do the work

<marta> we really need to know what we want to do

<marta> were waiting for people to add or simplify domains

<marta> im gonna try putting some work to move the stuff from to be categorized to the rest of the document

<marta> page 6 - needs to be cleaned up

<marta> they are too broad

<marta> we need to focus them more

<marta> questions?

<marta> Coleen: when we get to implementation - are we expected to provide resources to do that?

<marta> manu: this is a more BD phase, usually other people will implement it

Marta: It's good to have all this clarified.

<marta> manu: I'm done giving an overview

Marta: Other than a call to get more people contributing, maybe we can talk a bit about the User Roles.

User Roles

Marta: Today, in the document, we have the Archivist, Node Operator, Verifier - I'd like to understand why these user roles? How did we get here, where do we go from here?

mountie: There are two types of blockchains, at least, permissioned, permissionless - different views
... People will be able to think on different view.
... What about consensus algorithms, proof of work.

Marta: Smart contracts, immutability, etc.

Manu: Going back to roles... I added role of "Community" or "network" as a whole.

Marta: We're missing "Miners" in the User Roles... also, who receives data?

Mountie: Since we're talking about W3C, we may want to emphasize Node Operator at the Web browser level, light node.

Nick: Is the creator different from a miner?

Marta: In Bitcoin for example, those are different, the person creating the transaction, and the miner that mines that transaction.

Colleen: I like the bit about the recipient....
... Can we add that?

Manu: What does receiver mean?

Marta explains difference between Writer, Miner, Receiver...

Marta: All of those are different from Verifier...
... The auditor, in my opinion, would be in the case of dispute, would be the "judge"... it's a different use role from the ones previously mentioned.

mountie: We're trying to divide this by data role (reader, writer, etc)... by data flow.

marta: Anything that we do, in the end, is a data flow... money, identity, etc. It's this.
... If you digitize/tokenize a physical thing, it's still data, it's a data flow.

mountie: What about message format creator... the user has a specification, don't know if this is the right approach.

Marta: Blockchain owner?

mountie: Signing role... ruler?

marta: owner, definer... that captures distinction between blockchains.

manu: If this is for use cases, a definer doesn't make sense...

mountie: ruler, controller...

marta: In general, this doesn't affect the use cases, any of these can be implemented in a permissioned/permissionless mechanism.

Nick: Why don't we just include whatever we think... still having trouble with some of these words... some of these concepts are not really disjoint. In that sense, in the future, we may need the concept of "Ruler" - some DLTs want to have that permissioned blockchain in mind, having said that, we may throw that word in here.

Marta: The point is that this is independent from the use case, how you implement it. We're not trying to capture this as being the best way to implement, we're trying to say is blockchains are good for identity management, here are the actors/roles.
... I'll take some time today to sketch out what the ecosystem looks like.

Nick: Have we said anything about what sort of mind map we're going to use.

Marta: We're trying to narrow down the use cases, so mind maps may not be entirely useful.

mountie: Maybe we will be able to talk over email.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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