01 Feb 2017

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Joanmarie_Diggs, janina, allanj, MichaelC, RichS, Kathy, Judy
allanj, janina


<allanj> scribe: allanj

jb: next meeting 15 Feb, skipping CSUN week
... skipping March 1, following meeting 15 March

open item 1

close item 1

mc: Web Technology A11y Checklist. ensure spec developers meet a11y needs.
... if all done properly, then you will have a report of what they had done to meet a11y for horizontal reviews by other groups.
... living document. comments over next few months. NEED COMMENTS

<Judy> http://w3c.github.io/pfwg/wtag/checklist.html

<Kathy> I can help Michael

mc: are there missing categories? any improvement to wording? need details for background information with reference.
... will be checking with other groups to see if checklist will help them meet a11y needs

jb: important for other a11y groups to review
... background document is available

mc: background document http://w3c.github.io/pfwg/wtag/wtag.html
... explores user needs in long list
... needs are not complete. working towards a reasonable list of needs
... making things work for users depends on authors and technology implementations

jb: renaming - discussion.

<MichaelC> Jan´s modulo Judy´s name suggestion: Framework for Accessible Specifications for Technologies. => FAST

jb: when is feedback needed

mc: Early March

jb: who can look? in that time frame

Jim: LV can review

kathy: review checklist? or background

mc: checklist first

kathy: mobile can review

jb: can aria group review checklist

rs: sure. aria can review

jb: can someone ping DPUB about review

WTAG checklist status review, renaming fyi/feedback

<MichaelC> ^

Charters AGWG rejoin reminder, promoting task forces?

awk: WCAG rechartered as AGWG.
... main deliverable in 18 months - WCAG2.1 and a11y testing framework

<MichaelC> AG TFs

awk: have A11y Tools, Low Vision, Mobile, Cognitive

jb: silver work?
... silver will be in the WG

rs: silver work, members or non members who wanted silver to not be rec track
... issues with disrupters not being part of WGs and not doing the work

jb: charter review - w3c membership can review any charter, whether or not they are participants on that WC
... reviews are weighed by the director
... will follow up on ARIA another time.
... all comments are reviewed and weighed

rs: all members should be able to comment. formal objections by non WG members is an issue

awk: silver is in generating ideas mode. all work will be done in the WG. NOT a community group or incubator

<janina> scribe: janina

jb: Many members seriously expect "incubation" work to be conducted only in Community Groups, even though W3C policy allows Working Groups to do it.
... Suggest avoiding the word to avoid confusion and unnecessary issues.

Standards coordination update: US, EU, China

<Judy> [JB: recommends referring to Silver work as incubation within a TF of the WG]

jb: Briefly ....
... In parallel to WCAG 2.1 and AU requirements, we're seeing U.S. Sec. 508 update
... Some advanced work on mobile a11y
... Europeans wanted assurance that 2.1 would encompass mobile a11y
... New work starting in China on several of their a11y standards
... We expect they may take up 2.0, and become involved in 2.1

EOWG Website

jb: Please note Shawn's on list comments ...

<Judy> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-cc/2017Jan/0014.html

jb: Sharon and Brent have pulled a good team together -- organized into two parts
... Visual design, and architecture
... Expecting to send html prototypes for us to test screen reader usability
... Goal is to update the site and to enhance its usability

Meeting locations

jb: Noting current about travel into the U.S., with contradictory information out there
... Many requests have been recieved to be careful about meeting locations
... Expect an announcement soon on the Chairs list with guidance

kw: AC TF to meet at CSUN ... only one I'm aware

W3C and IDPF merger

jb: It's a done deal as of today!
... Announcement on W3C Home Page

<Judy> https://www.w3.org/2017/01/pressrelease-idpf-w3c-combination.html.en

jb: Both organizations have a strong history of accessibility work, and of collaboration

<Judy> https://www.w3.org/publishing/

jb: There's now a new area in W3C called Publishing
... Expecting more cross promotion of work

<Judy> https://www.edrlab.org/epub-summit-2017-program/

jd: Believes Dpub already actively engaged with ARIA?

rs: Dpub-AAM ready for CR

mc: OK, wasn't aware! Oops

rs: Oops
... Haven't seen Webkit yet, but expecting it

jb: And any needed between Dpub and AGWG?

awk: Status is that we people involved with obht work efforts
... Several potential work items have been advanced

<MichaelC> Digital Publishing and Accessibility in W3C Documents

mc: Dpub has a wish list doc published
... This doc not yet formally presented to AGWG

jb: Maybe followup to make this happen?

CSUN prep: announcement; WG and TF participation priorities

jb: Asking again for any messaging or recruiting priorities

kw: Waiting to determine a clear work direction for us

js: PAUR and MAUR (Rev 1.x)

awk: Figuring out what the right role should be

js: AT people across multiple OS

jb: Wonder how responses on maturity of mobile success criteria work is handled?
... We've had heavy pressure on whether we can meet our timelines

js: Authentication, user requirements profile support;
... WoT and voice interface devices, especially APIs

jb: I've been assuming the TFs around mobile would be continuing

WAI IG topics to promote? WAI drafts needing cross-reviews?

js: Notes the very large scoping of PAUR and invite to people to participate

jb: Also active thread on Captcha since Monday

<richschwer_> Have to drop off

jb: Next meeting February 15

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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