23 Jan 2017

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MichielBijl, jongund, sirib, AnnAbbott, matt_king, JaeunJemmaKu, Bryan, Garaventa



<scribe> scribe: jongund

go around and update progress on issues

<mck> https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/milestone/5

MK: JG has a pull rev

<annabbott> MK: JG has pull request for buttons

<annabbott> MK: also has issue for show/hide

<annabbott> MK: we would have a design pattern for show/hide for accordian

<annabbott> JG: has example for show/hide

<annabbott> MK: ok to take up show/hide next week?

<annabbott> JG: ok but not certain diff between show/hide and accordian and where to put example?

<annabbott> MK: separate directory

<annabbott> MK: name dir either 'disclosure (show/hide)" or reverse the order

<mck> https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/issues/229

<annabbott> JG: has student working on 229 (slider)

<annabbott> MK: there's a checklist of to do's in 229

<annabbott> MK: assigning JG to 229

<annabbott> MK: Michiel has current issues: updated alert & breadcrumbs

<annabbott> Michiel will update breadcrumbs next week

<MichielBijl> https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/issues/185

MK: I am looking for alert isse
... Before we close them I want to make at least one other editor reviewing things
... Before you close, specifically request an editor review

MB: Will do

AA: Do you want me to look at the changes

JG: These might be something to have the newbies review

MK: I am looking for more editorial consistency
... For all of the examples, any reviews from people less familiar is good
... MB was just taking about editorial process

SB: I am happy to review examples

MK: Once we have a new example I will set up an issue and I will assign SB

AA: I can to

MB: Daniel Defoe posted a message that he will not do breadcrumb, so I will do it

MK: Jemma are you working on anything?

Jemma: No

MK: There is s bug in the treeview

JN: This seems to be something related to Firefox

MK: You think it is a FF bug?

JN: Something changed in release 50 that broke other stuff I built

JG: Dynamically changing tabindex is something we need to do

AA: Issue 223?


JN: Tab is giving a char code out

JG: Keypress is depricated?

<jemma> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Events/keypress

JG: We have other examples that you keypress

<jemma> charcode in keypress is depricated

JG: All of your examples need to get rid of keypress

Jemma: charcode and keypress are depricated

<MichielBijl> example: element.addEventListener('keydown', keydownEventListener);

<Zakim> MichielBijl, you wanted to say that we should use keydown or keyup

JG: We are going to have to fix some other example too

MB: Some properties are depricated

JG: I think it would be a good action item for Jemma

MK: I am raising an issue to find any examples using keypress

Jemma: Happy to help

<annabbott> MK: created issue #249 for keypress

<annabbott> MK: and assigned Jemma

<annabbott> Jemma: will look at #249 this week

Jemma: I can work on it this week

<annabbott> MK: any issues, James?

MK: JN are there any issues working on?

JN: I will do what I can

MK: There are a number of issues in the milestone

JN: I will pick some up

MK: This week I updated our status page, to figure out minimum viable product,
... I am trying to make a plan for documentation
... I am working on the information architecture for the page

issue 233: Custom Checkboxes Incorrectly Work with Enter Key on Checkbox Example (Two State) & (Mixed State) https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/issues/233

MK: I didn't releasize some of out checkboxes respond to "enter" key

JN: I would not fail people on that feature

MK: I have been doing some testing on native plateform, hitting enter often closes a dialog box
... In some cases on OS X the focus on the checkboxes give an error tone
... Should we do what platform behavior does

AA: Our pattern is only spacebar

JN: Yes

JG: I can fix it

Around the table - status updates on issue assignments for current milestone

<annabbott> MK: assign 233 to JG to fix so spacebar only

<mck> https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/issues/13

MK: The issues goes back to November 2015

JN: I know him

MK: He is essentially saying is the menu is creating poor example
... One of our examples says site navigation
... Other thoughts
... JG: I think they are just concerned with poor aria implementation

JN: I think site navigation can be better with aria menus, but there needs to be used as part of an overall design

MK: I think JG voiced my concern, we need to help people do it well
... JG: Do we ever say don't use this pattern for a purpose?
... We point people to other patterns, for example dialog references other patterns
... What I am thinking of doing is writing a response, we have an example now of how to do it as an example, and wait for his feedback

AA: Sounds like a plan

Issue 221: Review multi-thumb slider design pattern https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/issues/221


MK: I noticed several things about it
... It is lacking a description...
... In particular it does not say anything about relationship between sliders

MK In general what does aria-controls add value

MK: It seems to be more a future behavior

SB: In menus and trees...

MK: There is little use of aria-controls in assistive technology

JN: MOving to regions would be great but AT does not provide that functionality
... We need to tell screen readers what they can do with it

MK: Back to thumbs, we need to have something about moving other thumb

JN: We have some controls that do bumb the other slider

MK: Maybe working on the text for mult-thumb text is something you can do JN?

JN: it is very situational
... When the values converge there are potential different behaviors that can happen

MK: Can you enumerate some of those options, and look at what other people have said

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