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10 Jan 2017


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Ted, Kaz, PatrickL, PhilippeR, QingAn, Ryan, Wonsuk, ParickB, Adam, Rudi, Paul, Urata
Wonsuk, QingAn, Paul


LBS update

wonsuk: LBS update from QingAn first

qingan: trying to organize LBS work
... discussion for upcoming meetings

wonsuk: could you please clarify your plan?

qingan: maybe need some support from Philippe Colliot from Genivi
... will talk with him offline
... plus thinking to start draft document on GitHub or somewhere

wonsuk: that's possible
... we have GitHub
... would be better to use that
... maybe we need to create a sub directory for LBS?

qingan: yes
... restructure the structure

wonsuk: if you have some sub directory within our GitHub, please create a README.md to introduce your work
... including roadmap etc.
... would be great for the group

qingan: ok. will do

wonsuk: any comments?

adam: what if we create a list of interest
... a high level list

qingan: high-level description?

adam: yes

qingan: maybe some diagram would be helpful as well

adam: yes

Media tuner update

wonsuk: next media tuner
... Ryan?

ryan: working with the TV Control API WG
... also we have VIWI proposal now

<rdavis> https://www.w3.org/community/autowebplatform/wiki/images/d/d8/Mediatuner_Resource_approach.pptx

ryan: recently, I posted a media resource approach proposal
... disability of resources
... still discussion on the TV group list
... looking at more RESTful approach
... briefly reviewed the VIWI proposal
... bringing up some specific use cases

patrickL: feel free to contact PatrickB and me

patrickB: we have a lot of more definitions
... we have some experience on different topics on tuner capability
... so don't hesitate to talk with us

wonsuk: tx, Ryan and Patricks
... want to ask Patricks if you can join the media tf
... so that you can talk about the media tuner topic with Ryan more closely

patrickL: of course

patrickB: ok

wonsuk: great
... any comments?
... one question from me
... some kind of roadmap for the media tuner work as well
... good to clarify roadmaps for all our work items
... Ryan, do you have any roadmap information handy?

ryan: we have a media tuner wiki page
... we need to look at that again

<rdavis> https://www.w3.org/community/autowebplatform/wiki/Main_Page/MediaTunerTaskForce

wonsuk: Patricks would like to join the media tf, so good to update the page

ted: thank you for your work, Ryan
... trying to get more people for the media tuner work
... feel free to hold a dedicated call for the TF if needed
... Kaz and I can set it up

wonsuk: tx
... any comments?

<ted> [also happy to join as many of these breakout tf meetings as i can]

<kaz> +1 :)

VIWI proposal

wonsuk: we got VIWI proposal
... as Ted sent to the group, we need to investigate more
... might want to create a TF

<ted> coordination wiki for ViWi

wonsuk: also might want to have a dedicated TF call for that

patrickL: sounds good :)

wonsuk: we need to create a page for that
... and clarify the roadmap
... document of our review for the VIWI proposal
... any comments?

ryan: what is the point for the review?

patrickL: what we propose already works

<ted> proposed path from Rudi

patrickL: good idea to compare use cases for the two kinds of interface, W3C Automotive and VIWI

ryan: ok

ted: Rudi's proposal (link above)
... test, transition plan, etc.
... we'll start discussion on the architecture
... also have some architecture critics from some Member
... VIWI proposal include HTTP and WebSocket
... there is the TAG within W3C which works on architectural design for Web technology

ryan: tx for your information

wonsuk: any other question?

patrickB: how do we want to proceed?
... protocol comparison

ted: this BG call handles high-level discussion
... detailed discussion should be handled by the TF
... e.g., based on the use cases
... can get availability for the TF call of people using Doodle, etc.

patrickB: ok

wonsuk: Ted, you've already made a page for the VIWI TF

-> VIWI TF page

ted: people can join the TF
... we can find a time which works for the participants
... can get quick indication of availability using Doodle

wonsuk: how about sending another email to get feedback on people's interest

ted: will send out a Doodle poll

<PatrickLue> Tuesdays somewhere around the other calls

<PatrickLue> Mondays as well

ted: thinks both the Patricks and Adam are interested in the TF
... will send a Doodle concentrating on Mondays based on people's availability

patrickB: would be good to involve non-automotive people as well

ted: yes
... maybe every other week or once a week

kaz: maybe it would be better to prepare a doodle poll not only for Monday but all for the 5 days to make sure given we'd like to involve other people than OEMs too
... also we need to clarify the moderator for the TF as well

ted: talk about the detail later

Topics for new use cases

wonsuk: any other topics?
... we need to keep gathering use cases and discuss them
... would like to get feedback from you

scribenick: ted

kaz: Paul generated a list of topics and perhaps we can revisit that list

Paul's topics on the wiki

scribenick: kaz

ted: topics of interest include payments
... had a joint meeting during TPAC
... payments from automotive
... would very much appreciate if you could introduce your managers, partners, etc.
... to get auto-centric use cases
... please introduce me to people appropriate in your organizations

W3C-OCF collaboration demo at CES

wonsuk: would like to show a video
... there is the OCF Automotive project
... to make a standard for communication between automotive and IoT

<wonsuk_> https://youtu.be/V_r3L1b5qs8

wonsuk: we made a demo collaboratively and showed it at CES
... link above
... please take a look

Wonsuk's note: It has W3C vehicle server based on current spec as well as the client web apps for smartphone.

wonsuk: any other topics for today?


[ adjourned ]

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