Web Authentication Working Group Teleconference

21 Dec 2016


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gmandyam, JeffH, weiler, nadalin, JFontana, Rolf, wseltzer, angelo, selfissued, alexei-goog, apowers


<selfissued> Hmmm... I'm not hearing audio. Are others?

<scribe> scribenick: weiler


angelo: i'd like more time to review

nadalin: merge them all

jeffh: PR315 raises issue 257 again. maybe discuss more later.
... for pr306: rather than add to the large pile, merge it.
... JC signed off on it.

alexei: I have full faith in JC.

result: 306 merged and closed.


jeffh: jc reviewed it yesterday and approved. alexei and vijay haven't.

alexei: more time, please.


jeffh: this responds to boris's issues re: relaxing same origin. ... this should simmer for a bit.

selfissued: might be helpful to add link to fido spec pointing out that it requires implementation of these extensions.

nadalin: should we have a separate ext doc or keep the current three in the base doc for now?

selfissued: (comparison to IETF / IANA registry mechanisms)

jeffh: w3c uses iana registries, too.
... this wg is intending to use iana.

selfissued: fido doc should register exts in iana registry

gmandyam: no. (discussion re: where/how to list "mandatory to implement")

selfissued: fine to informatively say that fido spec requires blah, w/o being normative

angelo: we should make a table... and we should bash this out at f2f.

nadalin: concur.

[discussion of who will be at f2f]

nadalin: I'll open an issue
... reminder: no mtg next week. mtg again on 4 Jan.

<gmandyam> https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues/303

giri: needs comments on issue 303.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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