Web Authentication Working Group Teleconference

14 Dec 2016


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JeffH, weiler, samsrinivas, jcj_moz, nadalin, angelo, Christian, gmandyam, Rolf


<angelo> i can scribe

<weiler> scribenick: samsrinivas

Keep meeting for rest of year?

tony: Conclusion: Keep next week, cancel following week
... f2f, Feb 13 in downtown SF (MS Office), same as first f2f, 555 Calif Ave, SF

jc, tony, jeff: jeff's editorial cleanup, batch of changes, how often merge, editorial fixes, resync now (per Alexei), merge these changes ..

jeff: Should review, editorial in one person's eyes may not be editorial for another

jc: will take a look

jeff: 209 does not describe user perspective, should have terms like 'roaming' or 'portable'. This is important since it'll permate into user docs.

How does one characterize based on whetehr they store keys?

Jeff: Even such authenticators can roam.
... it is transparent to the RP

sam: +1 to jeff

suggestion: Roaming = can login on fresh device, RP should send down keys

Jeff: That happens transparently from the RP's perspective.
... You are bootstrapping a new device to login to an RP which is already registered with the authenticator.
... not in a rush, should merge after Alexei, Vijay etc review -- core suggestion is to refine terminology so that there are terms which are user facing in the spec so that user documentation uses right term

Suggestion: is there a use case where eg, phone: for on board browser = native authenitcator, for use to login on other device = roaming.

Jeff: That is about attachment -- should be covered by the terminology we use.

<JeffH> diff for #309: https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/309/files

Jeff: webidl encourages dashes and not underscores ..

Tony: WD-04 moved out to January
... We have 50 or so issues
... We did get a charter extension for 6 months without any issues, but hopefully we won't chew into it very much, people want to get to implementation phase
... Some folks may talk about it publcly in Feb-Mar time frame.

<jcj_moz> https://reviewboard.mozilla.org/r/97088/diff/3/

Jeff: It seems to be me that the spec is nominally implementable at this point.

JC: Have a work in progress patch which I have out in FF which is using the Sep 28 version of the spec. Been through one round of review doesn't have USB transport yet
... 1200 lines of code, lots of boiler plate, yet to do same-origin, this was about to wire in U2F (as prep for webauthn)

<JeffH> edge has implemented wd-02 (?)

<JeffH> algelo reported

Angelo: Edge has WD-02 implmentation. We are concerned about a few things, the Google proposal of name change, code change will be limited, don't want to do a lot of wasted work, want to wait out to CR

Jeff: Name change should not affect code very much (these chanegs were from Boris, not Google), ...

Angelo: Other open issues such as timeouts etc.

Jeff: Please nominate on the list what issues should be converged sooner rather than later if they are getting in way of implementation.

Angelo: How will be maintain extensions is one more issue.
... We are not planning to have this as part of IE -- the focus is on Edge.

Samsrinivas: Will defer to ALexei , Kim for Google impl status (future call)

giri: Put up prooposal for how to get stuff in regsitry

Jeff: will take look

Concall coordinates may change -- email will go out.

Tony: Meeting happens on Dec 21, cancelld oN Dec 28, jappens on Jan 3

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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