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07 Dec 2016

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wseltzer, JeffH, jcj_moz, apowers, selfissued, vgb, nadalin, Rolf


apowers, have you gotten the PR review you needed on tests?

<apowers> nope

nadalin: we need to think about whether we want a F2F at RSA time (February)
... we need 8 weeks notice
... and a host

selfissued: RSA is Feb 13

<selfissued> Feb 13

nadalin: Monday or Friday of that week?
... are there people who couldn't make it to SF?

<selfissued> I'll be in SF

[Feb. 20 is Presidents' Day]

<jcj_moz> I can make Monday... I'm not planning to attend RSA, but I can make it up for a f2f

[convergence on Monday, Feb. 13]

nadalin: does anyone have a problem if we put notice for Feb. 13, need to find a host, preferably downtown SF


[no objections heard]

nadalin: I'll send out the notice


nadalin: if we can't close 243, let's move it to WD-04 and get -03 published

vgb: it looks as though everyone's ok wit 243 but it doesn't build

angelo: with bikeshed -force it will build

vgb: except then travis doesn't like it. I'll try to clean up

JeffH: there are open comments, but Alexei hasn't reviewed
... just want to acknowledge explicitly

jcj_moz: I'm going to have this implemented in FF
... by end of year, so that may be an amalgam of WD-03 and -04 features

JeffH: proposing to incorporate suggested changes, merge
... and then let people continue to file issues

jcj_moz: fine either way

vgb: what's in -03 if we punt this?

JeffH: a bunch of stuff, and we pulled out duplication of public key

vgb: so let's punt 243 to WD-04

JeffH: Done

nadalin: no open issues on -03 then

JeffH: except verification
... 246

Rolf: we can resolve that

angelo: 246 doesn't pass travis either


JeffH: I can review Rolf's changes after the call

<vgb> FATAL ERROR: 'interface' definitions don't use a 'for' attribute, but this one claims it's for 'Transport' (perhaps inherited from an ancestor). This is probably a markup error. <dfn data-lt="PackedAttestation" class="nv" data-dfn-type="interface">PackedAttestation</dfn> ✘ Did not generate, due to fatal errors

vgb: something in the packed attestation section

Rolf: which I didn't touch

vgb: it would be nice if these errors came with a line number

JeffH: the error I had was that I did not properly close an unrelated tag
... found it by visual inspection

wseltzer: an unclosed <div>

JeffH: I'll review the changes, try to make bikeshed happy

Rolf: Issue 102, PR 246 https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/246

nadalin: still leaves us issues on WD-04


nadalin: most are non-editorial

JeffH: I've already got fixes queued for the editorial ones
... in a branch
... jeffh-editorial-cleanups4
... people can start reviewing
... let's open a PR


[jcj_moz leaves]

Rolf: 246 now builds successfully

JeffH: if you start on issues, assign them to yourself

nadalin: we need to talk about charter, plan for finishing

wseltzer: 6mo extension, Director can grant; longer extension or change of scope would need AC review

[and indeed, Director has expressed willingness to grant]

nadalin: does anyone want to discuss other issues on WD-04

apowers: Please review testing PRs

wseltzer: second that. Groups that delay testing often find it holds them up later


nadalin: I'll ask about hosting for F2F

Rolf: I fixed the closing <div> issue in another place

<selfissued> I have to run for a medical appointment

vgb: after publishing the WD, add to the ED the link among "previous versions"

JeffH: I'll do it this afternoon
... except bikeshed hates my machine

vgb: I'll do it then


<JeffH> jeffh: ....a unsure how to do the echidna magic using the bikeshed-in-the-cloud

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