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07 Dec 2016


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Kaz_Ashimura, Junichi_Hashimoto, Rudi_Streif, Ted, Tatsuhiko_Hirabayashi, Powell_Kinney, Song_Li, Shinjiro_Urata
ted, kaz



Rudi reviews the emailed agenda

- Status of the WG Recharter, the specification draft and the next steps

- Status of the PoC/demo code and the next steps

- Meeting planning for CES

- Action Items

- Architecture Writeup/Blog

Rudi: VW has joined the WG recently, not sure they will make this Asia friendly time call but extend them a warm welcome nonetheless

WG rechartering

ted: we had 27 responses
... most of them supported the Charter
... and one objection
... Rudi made pull requests to improve the Charter
... about security
... W3C Management Team has approved the Charter
... update on security and privacy to respond to the concern
... liaison with GENIVI, etc.
... people have to rejoin the group (due to the IP issues)

Kaz: correct people will need to rejoin to ensure IP commitments align with the scope of the new work

Rudi: Good to know but unsure of the formality
... what are next steps and timeframe? Formal announcement?

Kaz: yes there will be automated email about needing to rejoin the group within 40 days, simple click through procedure

Ted: w3c-ac-members@w3.org mailing list will receive an announcement in the next couple days

Rudi: what happens with the next step on the FPWD?

Kaz: the FPWD has no specific review period

Rudi: what are the next steps? we have a timeline as part of the charter

Kaz: most important part is proceeding to the next major milestone Candidate Recommendation which requires a test suite

ted: and encourage people to implement the spec
... JLR, Vinli, ACCESS/KDDI, etc.
... need discussion on testing framework as well

hira: we're making implementation report plan and test suite with ACCESS
... we can submit some proposal this month

rudi: great and really appreciated

ted: absolutely

urata: actually, I mentioned this during the f2f meeting
... meaning ACCESS/KDDI are interested in testing
... so implementing the server spec
... also generating test suite
... don't have a concrete plan about how to work with the W3C Web Platform Test environment yet

powell: can help test suite work

<ted> scribenick: ted

urata: I have a question about client side of the specification
... are there any updates?

<inserted> urata: wondering about the Vehicle Signal Client spec

ted: i believe vin.li had expresed interest in working on the higher level api and hope to have a tier 1 with similar interested get involved shortly

kaz: we can discuss more with plh (Philippe Le Hegaret) about the procedure

powell: we're still interested in doing it, is there a proposed timeline we want this out by?

<kaz> proposed Charter

<kaz> [[

<kaz> November 2016: FPWD of Vehicle Signal Server Specification

<kaz> December 2016: FPWD of Vehicle Signal Client Specification

<kaz> April 2017: CR of Vehicle Signal Server Specification

<kaz> April 2017: CR of Vehicle Signal Client Specification

<kaz> July 2017: PR of Vehicle Signal Server Specification

<kaz> July 2017: PR of Vehicle Signal Client Specification

<kaz> November 2017: REC of Vehicle Signal Server Specification

<kaz> December 2017: REC of Vehicle Signal Client Specification

<kaz> ]]

powell: was there a decision on promise vs callback vs vanilla?

rudi: vanilla

ted: given how few callers we have that might be a good question to pose to the mailing list

Proof of concept demo code

Rudi: we want some replayable signals data pulled from an ODB2 dongle or other

Powell: we query different signals and translate into a stream of curated data, not arbitrary access
... we are looking to expose on top of our platform W3C's specification

Urata: actually I am trying to create a prototype and could use some data for testing
... there is no strong need to use real vehicle data and planning on creating an emulation instead

<PowellKinney> https://github.com/pkinney/w3cag-simple-server

Song: I started that for my demo and adding more simulated data

Ted: It would be good to take links from the long Genivi AMM demo thread and collect those on a wiki
... I will ask you (Song) and others if I can run their demo during Genivi showcase at CES

Meeting planning for CES

Rudi: regarding CES there will be a number of people from the W3C group present, please respond to the doodle if you will be there, and it is an opportunity to meet

Song: if there is a specific date and time for a meeting settled I can arrange the space

Hira: I would like to be able to attend remotely if possible

Rudi: that might be a challenge unless the meeting space has sufficient network access, we can try to find that out in advance
... looking at the Doodle it looks like Thursday the 5th might work best

Song: how about we settle on 2-5pm local time?

Rudi: sounds good

Architecture article

Rudi: I will be working on a security architecture article as mentioned in email
... Powell will start on a draft of higher level API


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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