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Smart Descriptions & Smarter Vocabularies (SDSVoc)

30 November - 1 December, CWI, Amsterdam Science Park

Vocabulary Management · Application Profiles · Negotiation by Profile · Extending DCAT

How to Participate

The workshop will include a mixture of presentations, lightning talks, panel discussions, Q&A and a bar camp. It will be structured but informal with good opprtunities for networking.

To ensure productive discussions, the workshop is limited to 120 attendees. Participation is open to non-W3C members and is free of charge. The workshop host, CWI, is kindly providing refreshements throughout the day, funded by the VRE4EIC project, but unfortunately the organizers are not able to offer any help with travel costs. In the event of over-subscription, we may need to limit each organization to two attendees at most.

Short position papers are required in order to participate in this workshop. These are not academic papers but descriptions of the problem you’d like the workshop to discuss and the presentation you would like to offer. ‘Papers’ can be as simple as a short description of a tool or service to be demonstrated and the technologies used. Each organization or individual wishing to participate must submit a position paper explaining their interest in the workshop by the deadline. The intention is to make sure that participants have an active interest in the area, and that the workshop will benefit from their presence.

We are using the Easy Chair system for paper submissions which assumes all papers will be in PDF format. Whilst this is acceptable, the preferred option is to submit a PDF that simply includes a link to a valid XHTML/HTML document (please use the W3C validator). Papers should be 1 to 5 pages in length and submitted here.

All position papers will be made available from this Web site . The workshop Web site is public, so position papers and slides must be suitable for public dissemination. Speaker slides will also be available on the Web site after the workshop. Please ensure slides are available in non-proprietary format. Links to presentations made available through third party Web sites are acceptable. Printed copies of the agenda and proceedings will not be provided.

Note: To help the organizers plan the workshop: If you wish to participate, please send email as soon as possible to Phil Archer stating:

Thank you.

Please note that this expression of interest does not mean that you registered for the workshop. It is still necessary to send a position paper, which has to be accepted by the Program Committee.

Press representatives should contact w3t-pr@w3.org.