Web Authentication Working Group Teleconference

30 Nov 2016


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JeffH, wseltzer, jcj_moz, apowers, gmandyam, weiler, selfissued, nadalin, Christian, angelo
rbarnes, vgb


<JeffH> leader going to join webex ?

<selfissued> You can either dial in by telephone or the link will download a gotomeeting client for you

WebEx is failing today, as far as I know

<JeffH> ok, no webex, have rerouted to gotomeeting....

<selfissued> Join the gotomeeting at https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/152877621

<selfissued> Or at +1 (224) 501-3217, access code 152-877-621

<apowers> Vijay says: I have a bit of a fire drill to deal with, so I will miss as well. If folks on the call agree, would like to propose that issues #209, #168, #87 and #151 be closed out since everyone seems to agree they are no longer relevant.

<selfissued> People can join the bridge using the info at https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-webauthn/2016Nov/0207.html

<scribe> scribe: weiler

nadalin: we had agreed to merge 233/235. Why has that not happened?
... and 246 was moved to next doc.

jeffh: okay.
... it has conflicts that need to be resolved. I'll fix it.

nadalin: 243

jeffh: it has some conflicts; alexei may be planning to address these comments and fix merge issue

giri: why did he choose an enum rather than a boolean?
... re attachment hint

jeffh: we might want to add another axis in the future.

giri: avoiding booleans as much as possible?

jeffh: not generalizing, but seems prudent in this case.

giri: I don't see the justification, but we can move on.

nadalin: this will let us do the merges and get wd03 out.
... going on to wd-04 open issues.

jeffh: vijay and I have been trying to resolve technical ones. if schedule trumps tech issues for wd-04, we may not get all done
... and we could punt them to a later milestone

nadalin: I'd like another revision out before people go out on holiday

jeffh: so we may not address all 46.

nadalin: did you assign these to people?

jeffh: no.
... we've been going through and assigning them to ourselves as we start work on them.

giri: I'm thinking of filing an issue re: putting registry procedures in the spec itself.... we backed off on putting them in the registry doc due to Mnot's advice.
... if you have concerns and need to think, I won't do that right away

jeffh: I wouldn't put process re: what designated experts do in the spec itself.
... but that should be written down

mikejones: all registries I've created (dozen+), we do put directions to the experts in the doc that creates the registry.

jeffh: there are nominal ones in the i-d.
... not as much fine-grained details as prior spec had. mark nottingham told us that the revision works better in practice .
... but it does has nominal guidance. experts are given some latitude.

mikejones: so what are the @@

giri: @@

mikejones: write it down; I'm willing to review.

weiler: +1

jeffh: +1
... Giri will craft proposal and send it to list.

angelo: introduction: new PM at Edge. working with Vijay and Rob.
... vijay had proposed list of issues to close

jeffh: I was going to look at those and close each one after the call.

weiler: expect new bridge info for next week
... thanks to mike for the temporary bridge.

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