Web Authentication Working Group Teleconference

09 Nov 2016


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jcj_moz, jeffh, vgb, angelo, RobTrace, seltzer, apowers, Ketan, nadalin, Alexei


I will scribe for this meetingg

<jcj_moz> scribenick: angelo

Next week will be IETF week and the WG meeting will not be held next week

The week after next week will be thanksgiving week

Should we cancel the meeting the week after next week? We will try to keep the meeting that week because we are behind the schedule.


We are on PR #102

PR was posted by Rolf, who is not present. Vijay has posted comments on this one.

PR 102: Rolf added a section on how to verify webauthn assertion

<RobTrace> +1 move PR102 to WD4

We are discussing #243

https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/229 and https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/243

PR #229 is accepted


We are now discussing PR #235

It'd be good to have Rolf double-check on the language for PR #235

Vijay is ok with the change

There are some contentious points about #235. Alexei will respond to that.

There is no clear documentation for CBOR mapping. This issue will addressed in a separate conversation.

Alexei will take a look at PR #235 before we merge it

Is any issue on WD-03 that is not addressed by a open pull request?

going through Issues list

Issue #88 is moved to WD-04

Vijay believes we should first address the overall attestation format browser parsing problem and then we move on to the U2F attestation format

Issue #88 is not addressed by a open PR

Is issue #95 addressed by a open pull request? No. But we plan to punt it to WD-04

The current spec uses different representation for algorithms. Vijay believes we should stick to one representation.

#123 is porposed to be punted to WD-04

#123 is punted

Issue #213 is punted

issue #238 is proposed to be punted

#252 and #247 are addressed by a open PR

All the rest of the issues are addressed by PR

All the rest of the issues for WD-03 are addressed by PR

Once all current PRs are closed, should we be ready to publish a working draft?


Once all current PRs are closed, we will publish a new working draft

FIDO alliance communication is planning a event in early December. They want to ask us what status we are at.

we can release a statement about WebAuthn testing

If we make progress on the tests, we can start releasing statements about testing.

<jcj_moz> Can someone paste a link to apowers' PR?

The PR team wants to talk about what webauthn is, how exciting webauthn is, etc.

<apowers> https://github.com/w3c/web-platform-tests/pull/4120

<jcj_moz> apowers: thanks

The main thing is releasing signals that the WG are still on track

TAG reviews

The issues opened by Boris are concise and clearly stated, which makes it easier for them to be addressed.

We will plan to release WD-04 sometime before holidays in December

<Zakim> weiler, you wanted to ask if there are any (WD-04) issues that would benefit from face time (at IETF next week?)

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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