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08 Nov 2016


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Kaz_Ashimura, Paul_Boyes, Philippe_Robin, Rudi_Streif, Ryan_Davis, Stacy_Janes, Adam_Crofts, Wonsuk_Lee
Paul, Wonsuk


Tuner update

-> https://github.com/w3c/tvcontrol-api TV Control WG's GitHub repo

ryan: gives update on the TV Control WG's work
... lot of use cases are similar

VW proposal

paul: VW attended the f2f meeting in Burlingame and explained their proposal
... Kevin sent a note

-> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-autowebplatform/2016Nov/0001.html Kevin's note

paul: any comments?

(no specific comments)


philippe: Philippe Colliot is busy now
... btw, there is news on Toyota's announcement on vehicle connectivity

-> http://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/detail/14129306

philippe: KDDI is mentioned here

paul: good to know

Genivi security

rudi: mentions Genivi's security work

paul: opportunity to learn about security more?

rudi: not completely open but there is a mailinglist
... and you can join it
... corporation address should be used instead of free mail address

Geolocation API

kaz: Edited REC has just been published

-> https://www.w3.org/TR/2016/REC-geolocation-API-20161108/ Geolocation API Edited REC

Redefining BG roles

wonsuk: looking at the existing BG Charter, think we should update it

paul: should add LBS

-> https://www.w3.org/community/autowebplatform/automotive-and-web-platform-business-group-charter/ BG Charter

wonsuk: agree

paul: what else?

kaz: wondering about the media work
... Ryan, is it OK to continue to work with the TV Control WG?
... they're removing "TV" from the API definition

ryan: OK with working with them
... automotive input
... there is a lot of energy in that group

kaz: good
... on the other hand, maybe at some point (not now) we should think about low-level websocket interface for media tuner and LBS as well

paul: btw, are rechartering the BG?

wonsuk: we need to update the Charter
... adding LBS, media tuner
... input from VW as well
... they have media portion as well

kaz: from the W3C process viewpoint, BGs don't have actual charter period
... but the Charter wiki should be updated based on our work

wonsuk: right
... new use cases as well

... Paul, do you want to say something?

paul: agree
... Ryan working on media tuner
... Philippe Colliot and Qing An working on LBS
... new proposal from VW
... security is another big one
... Genivi security by Stacy is good one
... helpful for this group
... device interaction as well

kaz: including bluetooth?

paul: will put the note from on of the previous meetings

kaz: the list from the Ann Arbor meeting?

Ann Arbor f2f meeting minutes (Member-only)

paul: yes

wonsuk: not sure if "device interaction" includes voice interaction
... but there was interest in that as well
... voice interaction for driving
... like Amazon echo

kaz: we had joint discussion with Glen shires from Google in Santa Clara

philippe: if you want to get update on speech from Genivi, you should talk with Philippe Colliot

paul: ok

philippe: Philippe Colliot is completing PoC by the end of year

paul: will send a list of collected topics
... we should start media at the next meeting
... sounds good?

wonsuk: yes
... one of the ideas I have is
... how about making a TF for use cases?
... keep discussion on use cases
... what the industry situation is like

paul: good idea
... e.g., for payments
... anything about IoT would be related to automotive
... communication with traffic company should be also important
... should discuss what kind of capability is required
... based on use cases
... VSS is a good example, media tuner is another good example

kaz: during the Paris meeting, Urata-san and Hira-san mentioned they organized a hackathon using the vehicle api
... that event included several interesting use cases

wonsuk: can dig the resource about that?

kaz: will do

wonsuk: can we put all the information together?

paul: we should do that

kaz: we can start with wiki?

paul: think so
... mailinglist as well
... will take an action item to send the topic list
... everybody wants VSS and the BG should be complementary to the WG

wonsuk: we have previous use cases and we can revisit them as well
... also can get new use cases
... should think about what actual industry use cases are
... in case of the media stuff, there are existing Web services like podcast
... would be beneficial for the media tuner capability

paul: sounds good
... we should start larger group discussion
... you and I should coordinate with each other
... Genivi guys as well
... should I send an email to the BG?

wonsuk: yes, please

paul: ok
... please respond, everybody

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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