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16:31:00 [kaz]
16:31:24 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Paul_Boyes, Philippe_Robin, Rudi_Streif
16:32:26 [kaz]
present+ Ryan_Davis, Stacy_Janes
16:32:33 [kaz]
present+ Adam_Crofts
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16:36:38 [kaz]
topic: tuner update
16:36:46 [kaz]
ryan: gives update
16:37:33 [kaz]
... lot of use cases are similar
16:42:22 [kaz]
topic: VW proposal
16:42:48 [kaz]
paul: VW attended the f2f meeting in Burlingame and explained their proposal
16:43:17 [kaz]
... Kevin sent a note
16:43:27 [kaz]
-> Kevin's note
16:43:46 [kaz]
paul: any comments?
16:44:01 [kaz]
i/gives update/gives update on the TV Control WG's work/
16:44:15 [kaz]
topic: LBS
16:44:39 [kaz]
present+ Wonsuk_Lee
16:44:57 [kaz]
philippe: Philippe Colliot is busy now
16:45:15 [kaz]
... btw, there is news on Toyota's announcement on vehicle connectivity
16:45:32 [kaz]
16:45:59 [kaz]
pr: KDDI is mentioned here
16:46:02 [kaz]
paul: good to know
16:47:34 [kaz]
topic: Genivi security
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16:48:11 [kaz]
rudi: mentions Genivi's security work
16:48:22 [kaz]
paul: opportunity to learn about security more?
16:48:33 [kaz]
rudi: not completely open but there is a mailinglist
16:48:40 [kaz]
... and you can join it
16:49:40 [kaz]
... corporation address should be used instead of free mail address
16:50:24 [kaz]
topic: Geolocation API
16:50:37 [kaz]
kaz: Edited REC has just been published
16:51:09 [kaz]
-> Geolocation API Edited REC
16:51:16 [kaz]
topic: Redefining BG role
16:51:54 [kaz]
wonsuk: looking at the existing BG Charter, think we should update it
16:52:17 [kaz]
paul: should add LBS
16:52:28 [kaz]
-> BG Charter
16:52:32 [kaz]
wonsuk: agree
16:53:10 [kaz]
paul: what else?
16:53:52 [kaz]
kaz: wondering about the media work
16:54:04 [kaz]
... Ryan, is it OK to continue to work with the TV Control WG?
16:54:16 [kaz]
... they're removing "TV" from the API definition
16:54:33 [kaz]
ryan: OK with working with them
16:54:40 [kaz]
... automotive input
16:55:14 [kaz]
... there is a lot of energy in that group
16:55:43 [kaz]
kaz: good
16:56:18 [kaz]
... on the other hand, maybe at some point (not now) we should think about low-level websocket interface for media tuner and LBS as well
16:56:46 [kaz]
paul: btw, are rechartering the BG?
16:57:01 [kaz]
wonsuk: we need to update the Charter
16:57:15 [kaz]
... adding LBS, media tuner
16:57:22 [kaz]
... input from VW as well
16:57:34 [kaz]
they have media portion as well
16:57:47 [kaz]
s/they/... they/
16:59:02 [kaz]
kaz: from the W3C process viewpoint, BGs don't have actual charter period
16:59:16 [kaz]
... but the Charter wiki should be updated based on our work
16:59:24 [kaz]
wonsuk: right
16:59:30 [kaz]
... new use cases as well
16:59:58 [kaz]
... Paul, do you want to say something?
17:00:07 [kaz]
paul: agree
17:00:12 [kaz]
... Ryan working on media tuner
17:00:24 [kaz]
... Philippe Colliot and Qing An working on LBS
17:00:36 [kaz]
... new proposal from VW
17:00:43 [kaz]
... security is another big one
17:00:56 [kaz]
... Genivi security by Stacy is good one
17:01:14 [kaz]
... helpful for this group
17:02:10 [kaz]
... device interaction as well
17:02:33 [kaz]
kaz: including bluetooth?
17:03:01 [kaz]
paul: will put the note from the previous meeting
17:03:45 [kaz]
kaz: the list from the Anaba meeting?
17:03:45 [kaz]
paul: yes
17:04:45 [kaz]
wonsuk: not sure if "device interaction" includes voice interaction
17:04:54 [kaz]
... but there was interest in that
17:04:58 [kaz]
s/that/that as well/
17:05:24 [kaz]
... voice interaction for driving
17:05:30 [kaz]
... like Amazon echo
17:06:35 [kaz]
kaz: we had joint discussion with Glen shires from Google in Santa Clara
17:07:09 [kaz]
pr: if you want to get update on speech from Genivi, you should talk with Philippe Colliot
17:07:15 [kaz]
paul: ok
17:07:52 [kaz]
pr: Philippe is completing PoC by the end of year
17:08:19 [kaz]
paul: will send a list of collected topics
17:08:45 [kaz]
... we should start media at next meeting
17:08:51 [kaz]
... sounds good?
17:08:54 [kaz]
wonsuk: yes
17:09:08 [kaz]
... one of the ideas I have is
17:09:17 [kaz]
... how about making a TF for use cases?
17:09:24 [kaz]
... keep discussion on use cases
17:09:38 [kaz]
... what the industry situation is like
17:09:45 [kaz]
paul: good idea
17:09:48 [kaz]
... e.g., for payments
17:10:22 [kaz]
... anything about IoT would be related to automotive
17:10:44 [kaz]
... communication with traffic company should be also important
17:12:17 [kaz]
... should discuss what kind of capability is required
17:12:27 [kaz]
... based on use cases
17:13:14 [kaz]
... VSS is a good example, media tuner is another good example
17:14:52 [kaz]
kaz: during the Paris meeting, Urata-san and Hira-san mentioned they organized a hackathon using the vehicle api
17:15:20 [kaz]
... that event included several interesting use cases
17:15:29 [kaz]
wonsuk: can dig the resource about that?
17:15:33 [kaz]
kaz: will do
17:15:54 [kaz]
wonsuk: can we put all the information together?
17:16:00 [kaz]
paul: we should do that
17:16:49 [kaz]
kaz: we can start with wiki?
17:16:52 [kaz]
paul: think so
17:17:00 [kaz]
... mailing list as well
17:17:40 [kaz]
... will take an action item to send the topic list
17:19:37 [kaz]
... everybody wants VSS and the BG should be complementary to the WG
17:20:05 [kaz]
wonsuk: we have previous use cases and we can revisit them as well
17:20:17 [kaz]
... also can get new use cases
17:20:35 [kaz]
... should think about what actual industry use cases are
17:21:46 [kaz]
wonsuk: in case of the media stuff, there are existing Web services like podcast
17:22:03 [kaz]
... would be beneficial for the media tuner capability
17:22:15 [kaz]
paul: sounds good
17:22:32 [kaz]
... we should start larger group discussion
17:22:52 [kaz]
... you and I should coordinate with each other
17:22:59 [kaz]
... Genivi guys as well
17:23:45 [kaz]
... should I send an email to the BG?
17:23:50 [kaz]
wonsuk: yes, please
17:23:53 [kaz]
paul: ok
17:24:03 [kaz]
... please respond, everybody
17:24:17 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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