WoT IG Meeting

03 Nov 2016



Kaz_Ashimura, Dave_Raggett, Michael_McCool, Daniel_Peintner, Frank_Reusch, Kazuaki_Nimura, Kirby_Shabaga, Masato_Ohura, Matthias_Kovatsch, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Keiichi_Tokuyama, Uday_Davuluru, Takeshi_Yamada, Yingying_Chen, Yongjing_Zhan, Ryan_Ware
Matthias, Yongjing


<kaz> scribenick: McCool


meeting delay due to timezone change

today most important agenda is update on chartering

task forces, then ocf liaison

and then f2f logistics

delayed in email discussions; need a bit more time to reply to comments

WG Charter update

ben from mozilla comments on list... but AC rep

about scripting api

should respond... but separate from chartering discussion

may not be able to convince ben... but should respond for others on the list

but need to phrase response carefully

kaz: we should focus on AC review part; replies to list should be from group

dave, kaz: wendy was leading discussion with google, mozilla, need to sync with her

mccool: perhaps we can delegate to a couple of people from scripting API

kaz: can have wendy review our response

matt: don't really need to involve wendy

all: johannes and matthias to handle as delegates

RESOLUTION: will delegate communication to Ben from Mozilla on list to Johannes and Matthias

<rrware> Sorry folks. I have a hard stop because of the time change. Put the plugfest logistics on the agenda for next week and I'll have an update then.

mccool: suggest that we finalize and release "response" document

(some trouble with WebEx connection for a while)

mccool: BTW, I just sent out the release candidate for the AC response, check your email

people to spend 3-5 minutes reviewing to make sure they are happy with it

<dsr> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-wot-ig/2016Nov/0004.html

<dsr> Michael’s Release candidate for WoT WG response to AC

mccool: discussing response release candidate. deleted "extension point" section of summary in first section

also Dave mentions there was a suggestion by PLH to delete roadmap deliverables

<kaz> kaz: we should handle that suggestion separately from the AC review response. right?

<kaz> dsr: right

mccool: suggest handle roadmap issue later

<kaz> (mccool adds edits to the text directly on his mailer software)

dave: add paragraph about fact that we can't magically make devices secure

matt: asked to have fuzz testing, etc removed; don't want to commit to particular approaches at this point

put back in, but with a qualification: "to be considered"

McCool: add issues to github for changes mentioned in response

other issue is roadmap dates; maybe remove the later ones where we are just guessing

mccool: suggests we check with wendy first
... will at least put issue on issue tracker

OCF Liaison

mccool: ocf liaison possible, but not with normal ocf arrangement as it assumes NDAs, which W3C does not do

we will have to figure something else out

also, will be giving a presentation to OCF next Thursday on what we are working on, and what the charter proposes

will draft by this Friday, send around for people to look at over the weekend, and discuss next meeting

mccool: will start with whatever we have, but update it as necessary

<yongjing> i have some short update on oneM2M LS as well

matt: need memo of understanding (information liaison)

yongjing: similar issues with oneM2M; not NDA issues, but the fact is they are not a "legal entity"
... proposal to have a "soft" liaison agreement; non-binding, non-formal

yongjing is working on some wording for a liaison statement

probably done by early december

mccool: perhaps we should proceed in parallel, compare, make sure they are consistent
... problem is that W3C is not a "legal entity" either...

<wseltzer> [W3C is a Consortium of member organizations and Hosts, governed by Process]

<kaz> kaz: don't worry too much

<kaz> ... there are two options, MoU and simple liaison

<kaz> ... simple liaison is just clarifying the main contact from the both sides

McCool: are there any templates?

Dave: template based on OPC, etc

McCool: we can START with a simple liason, MOU needs concrete definition of collaboraive work

TD Restructuring update

seba: two options for next TD meeting, email, please respond; daylight savings time issues

February f2f

mccool: f2f, Ryan working it with two Intel admins, looking into options; doing it at Intel site may require additional security

even if we can't do it there, Intel can help in finding an alternative site in the area

do want to nail down the dates

right now Feb 6-9

full day in the beginning, to 4pm on the last day

also need one extra day before plugfest to set up

<yongjing> can we do Tue to Fri? not sure if Mon to Thu is some hard convention of W3C :)

number of people: approx 50

but... security may cost more on sunday

so... setup on the 6th, actual plugfest 7-10

mccool: will send email around to group proposing date change, will put logistics notes in the wiki

Security TF launch

mccool: Ryan and I will create proposal in github, send around invite to mailing list, doodle for timeslot

[ adjourn ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. will delegate communication to Ben from Mozilla on list to Johannes and Matthias
[End of minutes]

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