Web Authentication Working Group Teleconference

26 Oct 2016

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gmandyam, wseltzer, nadalin, vgb, apowers, Robtrace, angelo, JeffH
rbarnes, jcj_moz


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Open Pull requests - 229, 235 and 236

nadalin: is 235 ready?

JeffH: I think so, needs review

vgb: looking at it


JeffH: subtle but important changes
... textual diff in PDF in the PR

-> http://kingsmountain.com/doc/diff/diff-webauthn-index-master-1eebeed-from-index-jeffh-pubkey-94-4b3d958.pdf diff 235

nadalin: 236

JeffH: I claim it's ready to go, needs review


vgb: this one's a lot simpler, looks fine to me and alexei said so too. Just merge?

JeffH: fine with me

gmandyam: UAF v 1.0, not DAA extensions?

JeffH: the references is to 1.0
... presumably we'll update in the near future

gmandyam: the statement is applicable only to 1.0

JeffH: if we're missing something subtle but important, please submit an issue

gmandyam: DAA supposed to avoid credentials tied to authenticator models

JeffH: worth submitting a quick issue so we don't forget to update

gmandyam: after you merge, I'll submit issue

JeffH: one more open PR is alexei's
... waiting for him to incorporate feedback

vgb: you and I had some comments, alexei said he'd get to it


JeffH: we're on the same page

nadalin: we can't close that one without alexei
... we have some open issues remaining


nadalin: we're down to 9 (on WD-03)

JeffH: Just added a comment to 123
... that will open some additional issues
... 94 awaits review of the other PR

nadalin: we need feedback from Alexei

JeffH: I can summarize 123
... lots of things that need polishing re attestation
... need better explanation
... Rolf is correct that we're mixing JWA and WebCrypto notation
... bytes on the wire
... WebCrypto notation is chatty, 7518 is more succinct
... currently, we use WebCrypto at makeCredential
... attestation specified in terms of JWA
... the express the same thing
... someone who writes code should make a choice
... I'll submit issues on other things needing polish

vgb: we have work to do, and know what we need to do

nadalin: I wanted to get WD-03 done before IETF


gmandyam: why was cose_sign not considered for signature format? that was an intenral question I wanted to answer

vgb: short answer is, it didn't exist
... what would be the benefit of the extra processing?


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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