12 Oct 2016


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Daniel_Peintner, DarkoAnicic, Federico_Sismondi, Johannes_Hund, Katsuyoshi_Naka, Kaz_Ashimura, Keiichi_Tokuyama(observer), Masato_Ohura, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Nan_Wang, Ryan_Ware, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Takeshi_Yamada(observer), Takuki_Kamiya, Uday_Davuluru, Victor_Charpenay, Wonsuk_Lee, Yingying_Chen


<kaz> scribe: Uday

<kaz> scribenick: uday

AC review update

Kaz: AC review update

<kaz> AC review results (Member-only)

deadline 14th october for AC review

need to clarify AC reps comments

clarified Ericsson comment last week

kaz to contact Ryan via Email

<kaz> kaz: we can simply add some clarification about "horizontal review"

Matthias: relavant comments from browser vendors

Kaz to contact the Google rep

Matthias: would send individual mails to contact browser vendors

Ryan Ware from Intel

Michael McCool introduces Ryan from Intel

Ryan from Intel working on product security

McCool: strategy around security?

Matthias: previous work about security

McCool: controlling access to new info, what needs to be added to TD to get acess
... layers?? or subtopics??

Johannes: idea to map ressource based interaction on top of protocols, to have access control mechanism based on OAuth
... split up into TFs

Security discussion: kick off soon

Johannes: to bring Oliver from Siemens onboard

Kaz: brings up discussion with automotive and other groups within W3C which are interested to join security discussion. once we've restarted the Security TF, we should invite them and ask them to explain their work so far as well.

TD Restructuring

Sebastian: updates TD work

seba: Property vs Actions, oneM2M, OCF view points, WoT strategy to follow

<kaz> TD Restructuring call minutes

seba: points group to github for discussions

<kaz> GitHub Issues

McCool: should we discuss with OCF

seba: MKoster is the one involved with OCF

McCool: mentions oneM2M interop group within OCF

MKoster: lets give some time

Matthias: would be good to have join calls with OCF data modelling people

MKoster: to contact OCF group


victor: writing proposal for hydra

<victor> https://github.com/vcharpenay/wot/tree/master/proposals/td-vs-hydra

Victor: explains Hydra with example

McCool: how long would it take for the prototype

Victor: needs to discuss with Bergi and hydra community

McCool: suggests to do this in next plugfest

seba: why hrefs but not a new term to ember hydra definitions

victor: link replaces uri, so essentially href is a link
... doubts to include hydra implementation in next plugfest

Matthias: can't we simplify redundant info

victor: clarifies

MKoster: clarifies on hydra interetactions

scripting proposal

Johannes: trying to form scripting TF
... logistics, discussions- github

next week agenda

Matthias: bring Oliver

possibility for Data Modelling joint call next week

McCool: need to talk about logistics for next F2F

<kaz> [ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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