Web Authentication Working Group Teleconference

12 Oct 2016


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weiler, JeffH, jcj_moz, rbarnes, apowers, wseltzer, nadalin, vgb, Robtrace, JohnF
nadalin, rbarnes


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JeffH: This is really soon after FIDO for many of us.
... I haven't had much time.

nadalin: Make sure you're registering in the IRC channel.
... Alexei can't be here, we know
... Not sure whether vgb... I guess he hasn't touched it in a while
... So unless someone has something to add [on agenda item 3], we can wait until next week
... We have some issues open on WD-03... 17 open items left on this guy
... So if we can see where we stand with them. The first is #8, JeffH's

JeffH: Haven't looked in the past couple weeks. All the ones assigned to me, I'll try to review and make progress on by one week from now

nadalin: Next week we should be able to look at these

vgb: Same with me; I haven't gotten much done b/c of FIDO

nadalin: Just wanted to get this moving again

JeffH: We'll probably self-assign some of these that aren't assigned yet

nadalin: That takes care of 8, 11, 12, 88, 94 (which is JeffH's)...
... 95 is ...

JeffH: Is that all WD-03 ones, or all open?

[view discussion]

nadalin: We have the one by Hubert, #95
... We don't have Rolf on the call, do we?

JeffH: No...

nadalin: He's got #102.
... #179 the UTF8 String. and #195 the credential description

vgb: Didn't someone address 179?

JeffH: I'll double check
... We'll just have it on the list to deal with

nadalin: You're in the comments, but not sure it's actually done

JeffH: That's a minor cleanup one

nadalin: Then we have #205; cut-and-paste error.

JeffH: There's various cleanup ones in here we can just self-assign and clean up

nadalin: vgb doesn't have any open ones

vgb: I'm looking at the attestation one

nadalin: We pushed those out?

vgb: No, the defining U2F attestation format one
... Did we ... there were a couple of items last time that we said we didn't want to do anymore, did we close those? I don't remember.

JeffH: I ... think we did.

vgb: Isnt' #219 one? Oh, jcj_moz was going to write something up.

jcj_moz: I started and didn't like what I wrote. Can you change the assignee to me?
... Yes

JeffH: yes
... I'm assigning myself some of the cleanup ones

nadalin: We probably have to change the date of Oct 13th for WD-03, so we'll need to bump this out a week or two

JeffH: That's fine, it was just a guess

nadalin: I'll bump it out another 2 weeks
... until the 27th then
... Not much else to discuss unless people had things they wanted to bring up
... So with that I guess we can call it a day
... we'll resume next week.
... We did get to make CTAP public from FIDO, so we can link to it

rbarnes: Is CTAP pretty stable now?

nadalin: we know it'll have more changes, but what's there is ... there's going to be some additions

JeffH: It's not finished, but it's good to get it public so we can talk about it

<apowers> someone wake me up when we are ready to start developing tests... ;)

nadalin: OK, we'll talk next week

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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