DPUB_ARIA Task force meeting

29 Sep 2016


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Janina, ShaneM
Rich, Tzviya


<tzviya> Rich: We have not moved over to Github for issue tracking

<tzviya> ...Worked with James Teh to resolve issues

<tzviya> Tzviya: Rich and James T made changes reflecting IA2

<scribe> scribe: Rich

<tzviya> scribenick: Rich


26-Sep-2016: For MacOSX modify doc-abstract, doc-acknowledgments, doc-afterword, doc-appendix, doc-bibliography, doc-chapter, doc-conclusion, doc-credits, doc-endnotes, doc-epilogue, doc-errata, doc-foreward, doc-glossary, doc-index, doc-introduction, doc-pagelist, doc-part, doc-pagebreak, doc-prologue, and doc-toc to be landmark regions.

28-Sep-2016: doc-abstract, doc-colophon, doc-credit, doc-dedication, doc-epigraph, doc-example and doc-qna are all to IA2_ROLE_SECTION; doc-notice, doc-tip mapped to IA2_ROLE_NOTE; convert a number of MSAA and IA2 roles to have <code> styling

<tzviya> Rich's changes reflect James Craig's updates to landmark and navigation mappings

<tzviya> James C's comments in https://github.com/w3c/aria/issues/435

<tzviya> scribe: Tzviya

Rich: James Teh's changes also affect ARIA role "feed"
... The thing that was a big issue is doc-pagebreak only having namefromcontent

<Rich> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-dpub-aria/2016Sep/

Tzviya: comment from Matt "Yes, the page break number is not normally in the text content of the document. Using aria-label or title is the recommended practice in epub."

Rich: should this be namefromcontent of namefromauthor?

consensus: namefromauthor

Rich will make the change

<Rich> http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/aria/dpub.html

Tzviya: matt noticed an error in http://rawgit.com/w3c/aria/master/aria/dpub.html#doc-index
... the super-classes for doc-index are incorrect
... the correct superclass should be navigation
... This affects API mappings as well, but nothing subclasses index
... <li role="doc-learningObjective>

li retains its native semantics

rich: We need to adjust the AAM to indicate that roles without mappings maintain semantics

tzviya: we also need to ensure that the html validates
... question for ARIA WG - would you require that a prefixed vocab be written with the ARIA WG?

MichaelC: Procedure we agreed that groups would write on their own and submit to ARIA for review. We'll review with WG. I think that as long as we approve the work, we can stay out.
... It does have to published through the ARIA WG.

<janina> Just saw the agenda for today. Anyone still on a call?

Rich: One thing to consider going forward is that synonyms might exist in Core. For example chapter might exist in core while doc-chapter is in dpub-aria

exit criteria

rich: we could test everything with one file
... put all the roles on a bunch of divs with an id
... We would have an expected output on an API
... The automated test tool will check that the browser platform support the tool

ivan: You are describing testing the mapping
... i think we also need to define exit criteria for the roles
... we need to demonstrate that the roles are used by EPUB authors, for example

Tzviya: Shane may have some suggestions
... I can demonstrate that the roles are used by some publishers

<ShaneM> do you want me to call in?

Ivan: This should be similar to defining exit criteria for a vocab
... We should talk to Ralph

Tzviya: We can use the ARIA test harness for DPUB-AAM
... We need to define exit criteria for DPUB-ARIA

Shane: The testing sits below the Accessibility Tree layer
... and interrogates the implementation of the roles in 2 APIs

Ivan: this doesn't apply to vocab testing though

Shane: If the problem we are trying to solve is that the terms flow through to the DOM, then it does
... If we are trying to prove that the terms are used in the wild, then it doesn't

ivan: i will have a call with Ralph soon and will discuss

tzviya: for the purpose of this vocab, it's good to see use in the world
... and great to see manifested in the dom
... when we get to roles with no API mappings, we don't expect to see much in the DOM

Ivan: For this vocab, we can say that the original version of these terms have been used for yeard
... We need to be careful about creating precedent

Tzviya: Let's leave this as a discussion point for Ivan and Ralph

Rich: I would like to get mappings from MS on UIAutomation
... I'll be in touch with Bogdon

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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