Web Authentication Working Group Teleconference

14 Sep 2016

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wseltzer, nadalin, Rolf, apowers, Ketan
jeffh, wseltzer


<weiler> Agenda: trackbot-ng, start telcon

<rbarnes> for the record: JC will not be able to make it today

<JeffH> scribenick: jeffh

Open Pull Requests

vgb: rolf and he are converging on PR # 161, down to naming issue
... question is what to name some of the things in the AttestationStatement dict
... thinks rolf's proposed names are not evocative enough, has proposed revised names in thread...

Rolf: am not fundamtly apposd to those names

vgb: <something about safetynet>

rolf: acks gmandyam's assessment of safetynet attstn being platform attstn rather than authnr attestn
... notes that goog android N attstn is similar to how UAF does it

Alexei -- will review

wrt #162 and #198 (PRs)

vgb: we can choose either of those PRs, needs review
... in #198: removed eTLD+1, relies on the "relaxing same origin restriction" in HTML51

jeffh notes that "eTLD+1" should at least appear in foot notes

vgb in anser to rbarnes: likes #198 a bit more, there's one cost to it wrt RP ID

scribe: rp id hash from makecred time needs to match one at getassn time, and so if folks change deployemnt domain names after user did makecred, subsqnt getassns calls may not work...

rbarnes: not sure that'd affect things... but yeah, seems like a richer variety of failure cases -- not sure whether #198s richness is necessary

vgb: am thinking similartly -- yes you get complexity, but only if you don't want strict origin policy

rbarnes: ok, we will finialize #162 / #198 on Tue next week in Lisbon TPAC

<wseltzer> scribenick: wseltzer

JeffH: On processing rules and exclude list
... teasing it apart a bit
... client will use exclude list re dummy challenges
... = dummy sign requests

<vgb> issue #6

JeffH: that's implementation guidance that should be in the spec to say why it's in the exclude list
... since it might not be intuitively obvious

<vgb> https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues/6

alexei-goog: background
... There are authenticators that have no storage
... use a key handle, in webauthn, credential ID
... as a way to offload storage
... gen pub-priv keypair

<JeffH> thx wseltzer

alexei-goog: encrypt with key on authenticator
... take encrypted blob, give to server in credential id
... server sends cred ID to client, client sends to authenticator
... auth'r decrypts blob, extracts, validates, for RPID, executes
... reason for exclude list: in registration phase, don't want duplicate reg from auth'r you already have
... so "here are all the credentials I have"
... reject authenticators that have one of these credentials, for this operation
... client takes the exclude list, cred ID, and sends to the authenticators
... if get non-error reply, then auth'r could have generated assertion -- ie., owns that credential
... don't accept registration replies from that authenticator
... so that's why exclude list.

rbarnes: what if RP says "I only want to talk to USB credentials". That shouldn't be what we're doing here

alexei-goog: I don't think we're enabling that practice

rbarnes: we might want to add to authenticator model to specify the probing

alexei-goog: I was writing a tool without necessarily specifying all the priors
... I need to figure out where to put it in the spec
... Should I do in same PR or different?

JeffH: Internal authenticators
... it wasn't clear what you meant by "local authenticator"
... authenticator in smartphone might be used for apps on smartphone or on laptop
... is it "internal" or not?

alexei-goog: transport attribute is a sequence, e.g. both internal and bluetooth

JeffH: if sequence only has "internal", then don't contact "external" devices

alexei-goog: if it can't contact internally, then should reach out, because it knows not made on that device

vgb: it's a should not a must

JeffH: let's do everything in that PR

alexei-goog: sure, and I'll fix the build


vgb: I went through errors
... please take a look
... when every authenticator errors out, we return immediately. creates a bit of a side channel
... as RP, I can tell whether a bluetooth authenticator is in range
... but we're getting improved user experience, maybe ok
... then I changed credential to scoped credential to avoid name collision

alexei-goog: I can review the PR

JeffH: I will review

vgb: per conversation in Berlin, need to assure that 2 creds for same account ID, RP can't assume 2 continue to exist
... train in a tunnel
... we said things would be easier if 2d makeCredential replaces the first for same account ID

JeffH: Are all these PRs for WD02?

nadalin: only 2 currently marked that way

vgb: the issues and pr markings don't match



JeffH: Giri updated his PR
... I rendered and diff
... had one question
... registry doesn't have to track WDs of the API
... we should discuss in Lisbon
... expect to see Giri there
... I'll try to send the diff to the list
... on WD02 issues, I added all the ones that mentioned Origin
... will send a PR in the next day or so
... have been reading the HTML spec
... we may need Anne to help identify the object

vgb: the newer HTML5 drafts have cleaned this up
... settings object

wseltzer: We'll be discussing normative references and HTML5 at TPAC

JeffH: I'll join that conversation
... and an IETF facet too
... I can update to point to HTML5.1

nadalin: Some other open issues

JeffH: vgb has addressed a bunch of these in his PRs
... and I'll send PRs for those assigned to me
... Rolf, can you review issue 99?

Rolf: I'll put it on the list

JeffH: Anne raised the question of service workers
... I submitted an issue on that
... use cases involving not asking user consent in situations of re-authentication

vgb: can we punt to v2?
... along with the origin issues
... i.e., opaque origin
... I'd rather say, we don
... don't have webauthn in non-interactive context
... for now, we have site wants to know user consented

JeffH: We could create a level 2 milestone and assign the issue there

vgb: yes. does anyone object to putting it aside for now?

JeffH: suggest you put that into an issue reply
... then we can also make statement there needs to be an active browsing context

nadalin: we had some issues come in as people start to read the updated draft
... posted to the list
... e.g. from Yaron

vgb: I was going to reply soon

JeffH: thanks

nadalin: we won't be meeting by phone next Wednesday
... F2F Tuesday
... I've asked to cancel FIDO meeting next week that overlaps with our W3C meeting
... at the end of next Tuesday, we'd like to have most of our WD-02 issues closed
... so we can do an update, get feedback, and head to CR
... important to leave TPAC with a plan for closing all the open issues

JeffH: I wouldn't be surprised if we have a WD-03 before CR

vgb: If we address all WD-02 issues, does anyone object to publishing a new WD

nadalin: that's our goal
... at our meeting, we can decide whether the next WD is -03 or CR?

vgb: if we close issues by email, can I push a new WD before Lisbon?

nadalin: any objections?
... hearing none.

JeffH: some of those PRs we wanted to talk about in Lisbon

nadalin: if it happens by email, it can be updated

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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