Spatial Data on the Web BP Sub Group Teleconference

07 Sep 2016


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jtandy, eparsons, Payam, ClemensPortele, ByronCinNZ, roba, BartvanLeeuwen, MattPerry, ScottSimmons, AndreaPerego, ClausStadler
Phil, Kerry, Rachel, Simon


<scribe> scribe: eparsons

approve last meetings minutes

PROPOSED: Approve last week's minutes

<jtandy> http://www.w3.org/2016/08/31-sdw-minutes


<jtandy> +1

<ClemensPortele> +0 (wasn't there)

<ScottSimmons> +1

<roba> +1

RESOLUTION: Approve last week's minutes

patent call


BP document status

jtandy - 1st thing... BP doc status

jtandy Doc not changed from last week... many threads via email over last week however

jtandy time consuming so docs not up to date..

jtandy Flooding scenario expanded however for particular actors results in around 12 cases studies...

jtandy - one of these where is your data, then what is your data, what format etc - so linear workflow

jtandy - Difficult to do, but will be published in next 24hrs - Good Idea ?

eparsons - Seems good keeps the doc practical

jtandy - often not possible to suggest one solution

jtandy - editors are creating content rather than editing at the moment

jtandy - new stuff from linda will come before TPAC

TPAC agenda for BP session

<jtandy> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Meetings:F2F4-best-practice-agenda-scratch-pad

jtandy - scratch page...

jtandy Linda & BartvanLeeuwen & jtandy have made a few points

jtandy - talks through list....

jtandy - Sound Good ?

<BartvanLeeuwen> +1

<ClemensPortele> the list sounds good to me

jtandy Agenda will be made from list


<roba> +1

<ByronCinNZ_> +1

<ScottSimmons> -1

<Payam> +1

<MattPerry> -1

jtandy - Can you +1 / -1 your attendance at TPAC

<ClemensPortele> +0.5

<BartvanLeeuwen> +1


<jtandy> +1

<MattPerry> -1

<ByronCinNZ_> -1 but can dial in

<AndreaPerego> +1

<ClausStadler> -1 but can dial in

ClemensPortele 0.5 = might be there

<roba> -1 will dial in

Coordinate Reference Systems

<Payam> http://w3c.github.io/sdw/bp/

Payam Several discussions re coordinate systems - added a note

Payam Note - Intro and summary of discussion

Payam issue should we allow multiple coordinate systems

Payam Note as intro and then BP with more details

<Payam> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EO70CvPJWg_dWcmgrzElUQMe6IK5OTry5S291ALQoKo/edit

Payam use eparsons doc and note as starting point... something ready for TPAC

jtandy an extension of our default CRS discussion..

<Payam> +q

jtandy - So recognise that the use of different CRS is OK

ByronCinNZ_ Lots on the topic 4326 is an OK default - not always useful however

ByronCinNZ_ Many reasons to use a different CRS however

jtandy We suggest people make a choice of data encoding, etc CRS another choice

ByronCinNZ_ GeoJSON use of WGS84 not popular with some standards organisations

Payam - several mails on using multiple CRS - is this really a BP?

roba Issue not multiple.. but identification of CRS

+1 to roba

ByronCinNZ_ Identification needs BP, multiple does not ?

roba issue if multiple and can't tell them which is whcih

<ByronCinNZ_> Sound issues

ByronCinNZ_ - Need to be more precise with language..

ByronCinNZ_ WGS84 is not really a CRS on it's own...

jtandy WGS-84 is the datum...

Resolving open discussion threads

jtandy 5 in 20 mins

<jtandy> > describing properties that change over time

jtandy thread in agenda - but long... summary coming

jtandy - if thing changes we can use versions of geometry or position is dependent variable in time series coverage ?

jtandy - Clarifies both approaches are suggested..

roba Works when there is a authority to id features, eg. a vehicle

ByronCinNZ_ GPS tracks > GPX apprach

<scribe> topic : indirect identifiers

roba jtandy email is a good summary

roba feels over complicated to redirect

<AndreaPerego> Jeremy's (great) summary: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sdw-wg/2016Sep/0096.html

<jtandy> here's the summary of the thread: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sdw-wg/2016Sep/0096.html

roba many different angles - stability, representations, naming ...

roba difficult to conflate if representation is the same as "the thing"

roba redirect to url creates implicit relationship so - sameas ?

jtandy Long thread... worth reading !!

jtandy - Read summary

jtandy architecture of web 101 talks about indirect identification - Nadia's mail box is actually talking about Nadia

<jtandy> relative positioning, describing "fuzzy" spatial things and Linear Referencing

jtandy topic : relative positions, fuzzy boundaries , LR

jtandy help needed for spatial relations - topological relations

jtandy topological relations - which ones ??

jtandy relative location relations ? North 35m for example ?

jtandy add to TPAC discussion...

jtandy ANOB ?

<BartvanLeeuwen> thx jtandy eparsons

<BartvanLeeuwen> bye

<AndreaPerego> Thanks, and bye!

<Payam> thanks and bye

<ClemensPortele> thanks - bye

bye all

<ByronCinNZ_> Bye

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. Approve last week's minutes
[End of minutes]