Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

01 Sep 2016

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preview agenda with items from two minutes

TPAC Planning Discussion

ShaneM: Web Payments IG outline and presentation done and completed
... it will be slotted in wherever comfortable.
... IG is at the end of the week Shane is pretty sure.

next and future meetings

janina: I grabbed the names of the people recruited via the WAI IG list.
... a couple people can be picked up without much difficulty. Fed Reserve in Mpls person works in outreach etc.
... also someone from australia and is already an invited expert.

Another person is very interested, but they work for a prospective member.

scribe: Judy is going to try to see if that can be coordinated.
... Michael will send the relevant information in the relevant directions.

ShaneM: There was also the person from Intuit...

janina: Yes, he is already added. Might be a problem with timezones.

ShaneM: He seemed to indicate the time is fine.

janina: I think we might be able to get these people added before TPAC. We could have a meeting on the 15th. Start looking at the pieces.
... start looking at who wants what sections.

A11Y text for specs

janina: An A11Y section makes sense for the same reasons Security, Privacy, and I18N sections are important in W3C specs.
... being systematic and consistent with our reviews is important.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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