Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

18 Aug 2016

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Janina, ShaneM, LJWatson


in an ironic twist. the web payments working group has changed its schedule so that it conflicts with THIS MEETING. Kill me.

<janina_> Wow, Shane! That's indeed ironic. Are we best not to meet today? What's your druthers on that.

Let's meet. It should be short I think. Then I can switch over.

<janina_> OK.

<janina_> Shane, not hearing you. You came, but then you went!


<janina_> Can you hear me?

<janina_> Argh. I may need a restart

<janina_> Simplest for me is a reboot sorry!

<LJWatson> prsent+ LJWatson

<scribe> scribe: ShaneM

preview agenda with items from two minutes

Draft A11y Statement Discussion

Janina: DO we need to shift the meeting time?

LJWatson: I would be okay with 30 minutes earlier.

janina_: I cannot

ShaneM: Let's leave it here.

janina_: next meeting is 1 Sept

preview agenda with items from two minutes

PAUR Recruiting

next and future meetings

Draft A11y Statement Discussion

janina_: do we have final language?

ShaneM: we were supposed to add WCAG

janina_: How about somthing referencing "established W3C Accessibility Guidelines"?

LJWatson: That looks pretty good.

janina_: I hate to be anitpicker but the conclusions are too limiting. What about APIs with impact.

ShaneM: This is just an example. Not something that would always be used.

janina_: but this should not look like if there is a lack of UI always means there are no a11y conclusions

LJWatson: looks good.

ShaneM: I will do the wordsmithing and recirculate.

PAUR Recruiting

janina_: Katie's mails made some people appear.
... I have some new people to follow up with. THere might be as many as 6 or 7 people to work on the PAUR.
... I will try to get them here for 1 Sep.

site topic: meeting with WPIG at TPAC

janina_: timeout problem should be dropped in everyone's lap. AT can't do it.
... Joanie's revelation was a shock. We need help elsewhere.

ShaneM: We need information from IG participants
... another way we can recruit is F2F at the IG and other activities. Let's share the love.

janina_: Judy has been asking about pushing in WAI Payments about a11y report. Is this related to the API and no UI issue?

ShaneM: probably
... long description of the architecture...

janina_: there will hopefully be new people at the next meeting.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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