Auto WG Meeting

19 Jul 2016

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Adam, Powell, Ted, Kaz, Song


<scribe> scribenick: ted

F2F logistics

<kaz> Portland f2f wiki

Security TF report

<kaz> security call minutes

kaz: I was not able to attend the call either as I was at a F2F in China

ted was in F2F meetings at MIT

Adam: we started with draft report. Hashimoto plans on taking use cases, proposed architecture and strategy for security and privacy

<AdamC> - https://www.w3.org/auto/security/wiki/images/b/b4/201510_26ASPTF-Sapporo.pdf Hashimoto-san's slides on Security&Privacy

<kaz> s/- https/-> https/

-> https://www.w3.org/auto/security/wiki/Consideration_Draft Security Consideration draft

Adam: on slide 8 there are groups of use cases we collected in Google docs
... they are protecting communication, access control, intrusion protection, devices...
... also goes into multiple driver perspective - able to delegate to other drivers or their devices
... in the current api specification we are starting to cover layered security in the web sockets approach

Kaz: I responded to Hashimoto regarding liaison with other groups at W3C like hardware security and WoT
... hardware security Working Group charter was not approved so they are going to be a Community Group instead

Ted: basically not enough momentum yet to justify a WG but there is interest in hardware security, U2F and FIDO alliance work
... I'll try to find out more before our F2F

Kaz: Payments WG is taking that up in the meantime
... I have had some inquiries from other standards groups on security in automotive and will present a report next week

Update on Web Socket API

Adam: we had set bounds and signal descriptions, clarifying some earlier contention
... we'll go into more detail at the F2F

<kaz> github issue on service interface

<kaz> vehicle information service spec draft (wiki)

Ted: along with sending minutes, I'll start thread on recommended readings for next week and encourage people to respond with more

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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