13 Jul 2016

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jcj_moz, gmandyam, vgb, apowers, dirkbalfanz, rbarnes, Rolf, ketan


<wseltzer> scribenick: gmandyam

vgb: Rolf has two major proposals: (1) Move AGUID to attestation, and (2) Changing terminology around attestation

cgb: Rol's changes have been merged as of 07/12/16

vgb: Rolf's changes have been merged as of 07/12/16

JC: API aesthetics changes are primarily editorial. First change to be discussed: moving makeCredential from window. to navigator.
... Method belongs in navigator - it is part of the browser.

Meta: no objection expressed to moving makeCredential method to navigator

JC: "WebAuthentication" terminology is not typical. Recommend removing "web" from navigator.WebAuthentication (i.e. navigator.Authentication).

gmandyam note: navigator.authentication or navigator.Authentication? Seems like we will camel case.

<vgb> giri: we went from window.webauth to navigator.authentication - the first letter of each thing in the hierarchy is always lwoercased

JC: JC: Should we strongly type the returned assertion. Should it be an object or just something like a DOMString.

Group consensus was to keep returned assertion as object, as it is a convenience for e.g. local verification.

JC: Should extension ID's not use Java type naming, e.g. weabuth.extensionID? Prefer camel casing.

Group consensus: Camel casing for extension ID's are OK.

Group consensus (cont.'d): Underscores in addition to camel casing for indicating vendor identifiers.

JC: JC: Proposal to change ScopedCredentialParameters so that type/algm. can be specified separately. Will send follow up email to group.

gmandyam: Only one type for credentialType currently defined. Seems like we can remove type alltogether.

vgb: RP ID is currently not hashed in by the authenticator (as per spec). This can open up an attack where a compromised browser could send a bad RP ID to the authenticator.
... This allows the attacker to get a hold of a persisted credential on the compromised machine. The fix is to add RP ID to assertion and attestation.
... Latest PR has added the RP ID to auth data.

rbarnes: IETF issues impacting webauthn: token binding, new changes in TLS 1.3.

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