06 Jul 2016


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Tzviya, Rich, Michael, Ivan


title: DPUB-ARIA TelCo

<scribe> scribe: Tzviya

Ivan: There is a matter of principles to be settled by aria wg
... then we have to put into practice, set criteria

Michael: Some of discussion is that ARIA WG may not be able to do this
... It may be a months-long process

Ivan: The short-term problem has gone away
... We are looking for a longer-term solution
... If IDPF + W3C merger happens, this will affect

<Rich> I am on

Ivan: IDPF has already made the decision not to include DPUB-ARIA in EPUB 3.1

Michael: ARIA will discuss the issue with the TAG with a bookmark at TPAC
... We should make plans to discuss at TPAC
... A related questions that ARIA WG cannot help with is whether DPUB should work with Web Apps on HTML extension

Ivan: to be more precise about that...
... My view is that if it works with ARIA, we do not need to work on HTML extension
... We do not want to deal with both


Michael: It has always been the vision that the role attr would do more than just a11y

Ivan: We should not refer to role attr spec, which refers to RDFa. Practically, it confuses people, and there is opposition to RDFa.
... role is not RDF, not RDFa. It's just an attribute with controlled values.

Tzviya: We need to come up with a plan for ARIA, DPUB, and TAG before TPAC

Ivan: Should DPUB be present for TAG discussion?

Michael: unsure, DPUB might surprise TAG with new issues

Tzviya: I think DPUB is a good use case, but we are not the only example

Ivan: Other examples would be useful

Tzviya: Assessments from ETS

Ivan: Peter Krautzberger can provide examples from mathematics

Tzviya: Next steps for this group?

Rich: Joanie is working on DPUB-AAM with Apple
... UIA will be next week

Tzviya: We had talked about holding off on publishing CR until we have these discussions

Michael: We should continue with work on documents
... I recommend continuing with defining testing, even though it is entangled with these discussions

Tzviya: Since these terms are all mapped to APIs, I think that the testing for implementation is the same as for ARIA Core

Michael: Do we count Reading Systems apart from browsers?

Tzviya: Reading systems are a user agent, but they do not have separate AT
... Reading systems rely on existing A11y APIs
... We may not test EPUB reading systems because they rely on existing A11y APIs

Michael: for political reasons, we may choose to test RSs to demo that we are not just testing the browsers

Tzviya: We will continue revising DPUB-AAM as needed
... DPUB-ARIA CR will be pushed off until semantics discussions

Michael: We will need to come up with some new definitions for testing

Ivan: In other groups, such as Web Anno, we enable self-reporting of test results

Michael: ARIA testing required a fair amount of knowledge and familiarity with a11y inspectors
... I'm expecting a component of manual testing

Ivan: Assuming all goes well, we will have to define what CR means for this type of term

Michael: Meeting with TAG is approx 29 July

Tzviya: Next meeting is 21 July

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Summary of Resolutions

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