06 Jun 2016

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jimsch, engelke, virginie, wseltzer, hhalpin


Virginie: status update
... reminder to the group to review issues

Testing status

engelke: I put in some testing for encrypt, decrypt
... added some issues
... I expect encrypt and decrypt will be done soon
... once encrypt and decrypt are done, I'll move to sign, verify, digest
... not sure how much time I'll have

virginie: issues

[explicit salts for HKDF]

<hhalpin_> We still don't have a consensus route on the DER/BER issues as well, and the HKDF issue just came up from Jim

virginie: did the pull request need group review?

jimsch: that's up to the editor
... I'm going to try to come up with some text for DER/BER

hhalpin_: that would be very useful

jimsch: in terms of "need input" -- if we don't have opinion, should we log that?
... e.g., parsing jwk

<virginie> https://github.com/w3c/webcrypto/issues/87

hhalpin_: logging "I don't care" is useful; or "I don't know, but this should be solved"
... on some of the issues, editor can just make a choice

virginie: team and I should ping implementers where their input is needed
... thanks for the review you've given
... should we walk through the issues on another call with MarkW?

<hhalpin_> A call with Mark would be good and then we can just walk though the issues

[consensus: yes]

<hhalpin_> +1 next week if he can make it, otherwise delay a week

<virginie> +1

<jimsch> Any time you can get mark on a call - have it

virginie: anything else you want to say?

hhalpin_: it would be good to close issues by end of July
... testing

wseltzer: Our charter ends in September; let's look again at schedule at the end of the month to see if we need an extension

virginie: next call next week.


<virginie> thanks @wseltzer

trackbot, end meeting

<virginie> for the minutes

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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