W3C Genivi Coordination Call

24 May 2016

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Ted, Kaz, PhilippeR, Paul, PhillipeC, Rudi


PhilippeR: I would like to keep this call on the 4th Tuesday of the month, giving up the other time slot for the W3C BG call

<PhilippeR:> … ongoing topics LBS, SOTA and maybe some new activity on the tuner side. Not sure if Gerard Spreitz (Bosch) came back to you with anything on that topic

PhilippeR: within Genivi we are reactivating our security effort as well, we can share more in the coming weeks

PhilippeC: there is a wiki page with a roadmap. I propose to set a telco some morning convenient for Europe and Asia on LBS API

PhilippeR: anything on proof of concept for web sockets approach?
... help from W3C

PhilippeC: you mean webidl, no not yet. Qing An and I are focused more on the data model

PhilippeR: what is the timeline for this work? I saw that Qing An has an aggressive schedule

PhilippeC: Qing An, you on the call and can you explain your roadmap?

-> https://www.w3.org/community/autowebplatform/wiki/Main_Page/LBSScopeAndRoadmap LBS roadmap

PhilippeC: we should have the data model before the next AMM
... Qing An sent me a link to the data format for the web api

PhilippeR: Kaz, can you remind us the F2F meeting dates at JLR in Portland?

Kaz: July 26-28th

PhilippeR: hopefully you and Qing An can make progress before then

Qing An: do you have an account for editing the wiki?

PhilippeC: not yet

Ted and PhillippeR discuss Genivi seats, IE etc. will work out offline after call


Rudi: the proposal was to standardize the web api portion of SOTA portion of RVI for integration with external system
... we decided to not pursue this at this time

Media Tuner

PhilippeR: Gerard from Bosch is willing to do something, have you heard from him?

Paul: I have not heard from him yet

PhilippeR: please ping him as will I
... I have no other items to cover and will speak to you all on the next BG call

Paul: I would like to see automated reminders for these various calls
... spoke about it with Ted

Ted: I set that up via cron for WG and BG call, can do the same for this and other breakout calls like the privacy and security one once that time is settled

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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