05 May 2016


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Janina, Ivan, Rich


<scribe> scribe: Tzviya

Janina: HTML 5 spec was trying to introduce XHTML2 approach to nested elements (<h> element). This has been moved to incubator group.
... How does this affect DPUB?

Ivan: The idea in XHTML 2 was <section><h> and the level of heading is implied.

Michael: This never really made it into HTML 5+, it would override H1-6. There have been implementation problems.

Tzviya: The publishing industry would love this, but are we asking for more problems than we are solving?

<janina> Yes, Rich

Tzviya: Yes, publishing would be interested. But, we would want to caution people not to use it until this is very clearly implemented
... Make sure that anyone looking at the code know what logical nesting structure is

DPUB-ARIA testing

Rich: Joanie is happy with the sample file from Matt G
... Joanie is working on it

Tzviya: Any word from Apple?

Rich: information to come

exit criteria

Rich: For ARIA 1.0, we required implementation of roles in 2 browsers

Michael: subsitute UA for browser
... 2 implementations might me 1 implementation of mapping A and 1 implementation of mapping B
... We need to clarify understanding with the director

Janina: This is on a feature by feature basis

Tzviya: Do we need to have all of the roles implemented?

Michael: We need to demonstrate 2 implementations but not 1 complete implementations. They can be conglomorates.

Ivan: What does implementation mean?
... It seems that we really need to test the AAM only

Michael: In practice, yes.

Tzviya: If I show that DPUB-ARIA roles are in use in a publisher's content model, is that useful?

Michael: it's a nice to have, especially if it's public
... and it's in a tool (not just a publication)

Ivan: What if the roles are used in books sold publically?

Michael: nice to have, but doesn't meet CR exit criteria
... need tool implementation, not just that authors are using it

Tzviya: Want to make sure that this is tested beyond digital publishing, so testing is done in browsers, not just epub devices

rich: Will there be best practices?

tzviya: short answer is yes, in conjunction with DAISY and BISG

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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