Blockchain Workshop Position Statement

Author: Mountie Lee (PayGate)

I have started W3C activity with Web Cryptography Working Group to propose PKI standard to W3C at 2012 (see and found it is valuable to share knowledge and contributing to community:

Also I found strong requirement to standardize blockchain related standard and suggested to start W3C Blockchain Community Group.

I also leading Fintech Industry in Korea under Korea Fintech Forum (PayGate is chair company of this forum) which has subgroups including:

The mission of Blockchain Community Group is as following:

“The mission of the the Blockchain Community Group is to generate message format standards of Blockchain based on ISO20022 and to generate guidelines for usage of storage including torrent, public blockchain, private blockchain, side chain and CDN. This group will study and evaluate new technologies related to blockchain, and use cases such as interbank communications.”

Under the Blockchain CG, I have leaded following activities:

I hope to share more understandings and knowledges at W3C Workshop.