HTML Media Task Force Teleconference

01 Mar 2016

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paulc, ddorwin, MattWolenetz, jdsmith, markw, plh, davide


subject is "RE: Media Extensions WG Editors meeting, Tue Mar 1"

<scribe> scribe: plh

. MSE and EME issues: how do we spend the next 3 months?

Paul: we went from mid-40s to 28 on open issues for EME
... but we haven't made much progress on MSE at all
... can we divide the issues into v1 and v2?


Matt: for MSE, quite a few of issues are in V1

Paul: we have a couple of accessibility items filed in January
... filed by plh
... didn't get attention

Matt: my goal is to work on the stream work, because of mixed content
... if mixed content doesn't happen soon, it's a mute point for MSE
... issue #22
... right now, MSE doesn't work with mixed conent
... stream is #14

Jerry: I also support taking on #14
... we should be careful not to have breaking changes in v2

Paul: we should put forward a call for consensus to the group to push some of the issues to v2
... so the editors need to go through the issues and get consensus on which ones are v2

plh: unless we get the implementations updated for appendStream by mid-June, we can't ship a REC in September with appendStream in it

Matt: for #14, appendStream needs to make it work with current version

plh: we can mark it as risk

Paul: only at risk was the total frame
... so we'd have to move to the next process or do the old process mojo
... what about EME? v1 vs v2?

David: biggest one is the key rotation with initData
... we tried to move it to v2

<paulc> Key rotation is ISSUE-132

David: some are registry items

<ddorwin> https://github.com/w3c/encrypted-media/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+no%3Amilestone

Paul: Travis is working with Alex on the key rotation issue
... your questions on that decision are quite apropos

plh: for initData, same thing. unless we have implementations by mid-June, that's a v2

<paulc> InitData Issue-149: https://github.com/w3c/encrypted-media/issues/149

Jerry: I'm looking at ways to postpone things to v2

Paul: I'd like to see a strawman proposal of what's in v1 and v2
... for MSE and EME
... so that we know where to draw the line
... so that plh has this evidence for the AC meeting
... please let me and plh know if some of the issues can be addressed by the team
... get agreement on which issues are v1 and v2

plh: for v1/v2, we need the spec and implementation updates
... if we can't get the list within 2 weeks, we might have to do calls to get it

Paul: I wanted the v1 and v.next and the summary in my hand
... adding a comment to explain why v.next would be good as well

?: posting a summary of the line in the sand would be helpful

Testing and implementations

Matt: still pending within Google

Paul: maybe copy Alex Russell
... but we still have a deficit on the testing

plh: I'm asking Yosuke to make progress on the test suite

Mark: if you want to stay in v1, you'd need concrete proposals and concrete implementation plans

David: we do have tests for EME
... they are clearKey and only webm

Paul: don't we need some content?

David: there is content indeed and that can be used
... writing the tests is the bulk of the work

Jerry: I can see what we can do to help

Paul: could david and jerry take the question of EME testing offline?

jerry: ok

Mark: we can propose some content if necessary
... would need to work with some of the drm providers

MSE and EME dependencies

plh: I'm asking Yosuke to look at the dependencies

Paul: are we ok on WebIDL?

David: we have iterable https://www.w3.org/TR/WebIDL-1/#idl-iterable

plh: as far as I know, we're good on WebIDL

next checkup

Paul: I'll propose to meet in 2 weeks unless we have enough data

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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