03 Feb 2016

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<kaz> scribenick: DarkoAnicic

recap of the f2f meeting last week (including plugfest and breakout outcomes)

Sebastian: there is a wiki page with minuts from F2F meeting: https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Breakout_topics_27-02-2016_28-02-2016#TD_Breakout_2_.2827-02-2016_13-16:00pm.29
... current status presented, slides can be found here: https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/images/a/a1/W3C_WoT_TD_Breakouts_Nice.pdf

Sebastian: presents a short recap from the Plugfest

Sebastian: ThingWeb Repository was introduced by Plugfest
... stores TDs from all demos, it can be queried, updated etc.
... T2T introduction has been demonstrated (temperature sensor form France interacts with an aircondition device from Japan)
... various demonstrations were presented, with more TDs than in Sapporo. Various supported protocols, e.g., HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, WS
... feedback from Pkugfest: change of IP address should be kept up to date in the Thing's TD.
... there was a question about the support for security in TD
... further on, binding to the protocols. We add a property name to the IP addtress (uri). We could work on a better prosal here, e.g., HATEOAS
... how to nest properties, how to handle absolute links (further open questions in the scope of TD-TF)
... TD provides a basic semantic info, but the real semantics can be captured in higher-level vocabularies, ontologies etc. How to integrate and utilize them?
... TechLandscape was a topic too


Sebastian: we refined the topics and assigned names of people who are willing to contribute

Mohammed_(Orange): I can contribute to the TechLandscape

Michael: I can work on the TechLandscape too

<kaz> fyi. TF-AP Tech Landscape

Johannes: could Mohammed and Michale contribute to the API-related TechLandscape

Victor: Schema.org is not tightly related to TD

Michale: agree, but can serve as an example of a shared vocabulary used on the Web, and perheps we could do similar things related to WoT

Sebastian: for further propsoals on the TechLandscape, please propose via email

2nd day of F2F - Break Out day

Sebastian: a joint session with DI-TF

minutes available: https://www.w3.org/2016/01/27-wot-td-minutes.html

<inserted> and https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Breakout_topics_27-02-2016_28-02-2016#TD_Breakout_2_.2827-02-2016_13-16:00pm.29

Sebastian: there was a discussion about HATEOAS
... a joint TD - SP session
... whether and how to put security related information in TD
... outcome: let us create examples of TDs with security related information, e.g., relaying on JSON Web token

3rd day of F2F - Break Out day

Sebastian: Darko presented an example how to extend a TD (for a brightness sensor used in the Plugfest) with further contextual infomration (e.g., SSN ontology)
... discussion was whether we could extend vocabulary in TD-TF

e.g., horizontal vocabular, i.e., not domain dependent. For example, for "on" and "off"

Sebastian: presents outcome of the discussion on what is in the scope of the future WG w.r.t TD-TF

Darko: regarding a horizontal vocabulary we could try to propose one and use it during our Plugfests, and if it turns to be useful and practical, then it could be a subject of the group's work

Sebastian: no new serialization format should be proposaed by us, i.e., we should relay on the existing ones

Johannes: system internal and generation of TD in the scope of AP-TF

Frank: the meeting was very productive
... we cannot propose only one serialization format, the standard needs to be opened for various fomrats

Matthias: content negotiation mechanism should be used

Johannes: for existing APIs the question is whether I will be able to create a TD - is this in the scope of the group's work?

Matthias: for legacy systems, a gateway can be used

Sebastian: if one creates an API that is compliant with guidelines from us (API-TF), then there should be no problem. Exisitng systems that do not relay on such guidelines, can use gateways. However this is out of scope of the group's work.
... you can still comment on subjects that are in/out of scope via emails
... first to address is the subject on protocol bindings and planning for the next Plugfest

Mohammed: what is the conclusion on the presentation about oneM2M

Sebastian: it was a nice overview, the presented ontology is very interesting, although quite big
... could be a good input for a colaboration with us

Johannes: possible colaboration on the level of abstraction between oneM2M and the API work, but oneM2M activities are more related the TD-TF

Michael: IoT semantic interopearbility workshop will be held in March in Silicon Valley. Everyone invited, please send a position paper.
... it would be valuable to have a position of oneM2M at the workshop

Sebastian: please work on the TechLandscape, see you in 2 weekes.

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