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ISSUE STATUS Description Proposed Action
ISSUE-42 Closed Align ssn to to implement best practices as defined in our bp deliverable. Closed, see ACTION-311
ISSUE-44 Closed Justify why we are changing ssn at all Closed
ISSUE-47 OPEN A thorough check on annotation properties needs to be made whoever will write this section will close it
ISSUE-50 OPEN How do we replace those components of dul that seem to be core to ssn if dul is not being used? to be closed by DanhLePhuoc once done in WD
ISSUE-52 Closed What goes in ssn and what should bee just a recommended profile/extract/extension? we have done a lot of work on this, so, we can close it
ISSUE-53 Closed Align ssn with prov-o Closed. Note as the future work. See ACTION-312
ISSUE-54 Closed Is it ok to use swrl or would it be better to make some bigger changes to ssn to align with prov-o? Closed (future work after ISSUE-53)
ISSUE-55 Closed Align ssn with rdf datacube Closed (interesting, future work)
ISSUE-56 Closed Ssn for iot devices Closed, see ACTION-313
ISSUE-57 Closed Align ssn with the ontology developed for the coverage deliverable Closed, there is no ontology in coverage deliverable
ISSUE-58 Closed Extend ssn to to cover requirements identified in our ucr Closed, editors to look at the UCRs while writing the document
ISSUE-59 Closed Extend ssn to to cover requirements identified in our wish list Closed, for some elements new specific issues were created; if no new issue, won't get to it now.
ISSUE-60 Closed Review annotation properties, including multilingual. fix typos and spelling Closed. See ACTIONS for the German, Spanish, French translations
ISSUE-61 Closed Extend ssn to cover Closed, references a wiki page that is empty
ISSUE-71 Closed Should sao"point and sao:segment be inside the core for time series analysis Closed, Use temporal primitives from OWL-Time (not SAO Time), In OGC standard TimeSeriesML a temporal 'coverage' is embedded in the Observation/result, time series and modelling sensor data as stream data is out the scop, There are many options for time-series - not clear that SAO is better than any of the others
ISSUE-72 Closed What reasoning language should the core use? Closed, DanhLePhuoc to check if what we use is actually called RDF(S)++, RDF(S) plus inverseOf
ISSUE-84 and ISSUE-102 Closed What is sosa-core to be called? 1. Reopen resolution during F2F: "the 'two' ontologies share a common name with either prefix or suffix to distinguish, e.g. 'lite' or 'full'" because objections were made by people that were not able to attend the meeting
2. Resolution: That the two ontologies use seperate prefixes as of the status quo, i.e. SOSA and SSN.
3. Close ISSUE-84.
ISSUE-103 ? how to formally describe the alignment in the SSN spec? See minutes 2017-04-12
ISSUE-81 ? How best to treat owl:import statements in alignments See minutes 2017-04-12
ISSUE-83 ? collate existing implementations See minutes 2017-04-12
ISSUE-93 Closed What is a sensor? Rewording of definition in SOSA was deliberate, broader scope than SSN, so description should *not* be the same; includes software, people (interpretations) as well as classic sensors
New sensor comment: Device, agent (including humans), or software (simulation) involved in, or implementing, a Procedure. Sensors respond to a stimulus, e.g., a change in the environment, or input data composed from the results of prior Observations, and generate a Result. Sensors can be mounted on Platforms.
ISSUE-104 Closed describing the ssn alignment in the spec Manchester Syntax?
ISSUE-110 Closed Include description of SWE in Introduction of SSN document Closed, see ACTION-315
ISSUE-112 Closed what should the dul alignment module import? Closed, see ACTION-316
ISSUE-118 Closed Allow representing samples of samples Closed, see ACTION-317 - Coordinate with simon to consider sample to be a subclass of featureofinterest
ISSUE-119 Closed How to represent units of measurement (if required) Closed, see ACTION-318 - Write a blurb on how to use unit of measurements with our result class in a seperate html file to be committed to github
ISSUE-121 Closed Is ssn:SensorDataSheet needed? Closed, decision made to deprecate sensordatasheet in our meeting on the 11 of April, see
ISSUE-147 RAISED Check ontology metadata in integrated SOAS, SSN, SSNX Closed. See ACTION-319 - Work on the dcterms:title and dcterms:description for sosa and ssn
See To attention of Editors
ISSUE-148 Closed First steps in the integration process: FeatureOfInterest and Property Closed, see ACTION-321 - Check if all sub-issues in have been addressed
ISSUE-152 RAISED fix the dul alignment for ssn:platform See ACTION-309 - coordinate with KJanowicz to close that issue
ISSUE-153 RAISED reconsider role of device in ssn as a result of the changes to platform required for sosa See ACTION-309 - coordinate with KJanowicz to close that issue

Terms that are still in "open" state

From Terms:

  1. input and output of procedure vs. result (and command ?) of their execution
  2. command for actuators ? or do we stick to result
  3. observationSamplingTime - Not compatible with the new Sampling model ?
  4. qualityOfObservation
  5. terms around Stimulus (can't recall if we discussed of the faith of detects and isProxyFor)