ISSUE-93: What is a sensor?


What is a sensor?

Semantic Sensor Network Ontology
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Kerry Taylor
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sosa:core idea of Sensor is similar to ssn but is it the same? If there is only one concept that we should not change -- surely this is it?

ssn:Sensor is equivalent to OGC SENSOR-ML sensor. It is different to "sensor" in O&M which might be a process (but O&M does not specifically model Sensor -it just mentions it as one of the things that might be used for an observation).

ssn:sensor is (from rdfs:comment there is also a lot more) "A sensor can do (implements) sensing: that is, a sensor is any entity that can follow a sensing method and thus observe some Property of a FeatureOfInterest. Sensors may be physical devices, computational methods, a laboratory setup with a person following a method, or any other thing that can follow a Sensing Method to observe a Property." ;

sosa-core:sensor is "Device, agent (including humans), or software (simulation) involved in, or implementing, a (Sensing) Process. Sensors responds to a stimulus, e.g., a change in the environment, and generate a Result. Sensors can be mounted on Platforms, e.g., a modern smart phone hosts multiple sensors."@en ;

If it is the same -- then why not use the ssn definition for sosa-core? Why can a sosa-core sensor be "involved-in" sensing but not "implement" it? If it is different then how? And if it is different that is suggesting a very significant change to SSN.
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