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BP Mapping

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The table below provides a mapping between the Data on the Web Best Practices W3C Recommendation and the best practices defined by the the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices.

Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices Data on the Web Best Practices
Best Practice 1: Include spatial metadata in dataset metadata
Best Practice 2: Provide context required to interpret data values
Best Practice 3: Choose the coordinate reference system to suit your user's applications
Best Practice 4: Make your spatial data indexable by search engines
Best Practice 5: Describe the positional accuracy of spatial data
Best Practice 6: Describe properties that change over time
Best Practice 7: Use globally unique persistent HTTP URIs for spatial things
Best Practice 8: Provide geometries on the Web in a usable way
Best Practice 9: Describe relative positioning
Best Practice 10: Encoding spatial data
Best Practice 11: Expose spatial data through 'convenience APIs'
Best Practice 12: (to be deleted)
Best Practice 13: (to be deleted)
Best Practice 14: Publish links between spatial things and related resources
Best Practice 15: (to be deleted)
Best Practice 16: (to be deleted)
Best Practice 17: State how coordinate values are encoded