HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

10 Dec 2015

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janina, LJWatson, JF, chaals, shanem, Liam, Steve


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Agenda Edits & Additions

No changes - Liam has items for AOB

zakim close item 2

The MSE CR http://www.w3.org/TR/2015/CR-media-source-20151112/

janina: MSE is in CR. We have discussed on this call and APA/PF has taken a good look at it.

<janina> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-pfwg/2015Nov/0281.html

janina: Shane did a review
... Was discussed on the APA call yesterday. Some other questions.

1) Does the spec need to do something more by way of supporting the various alternative media representations that MAUR supports (e.g., captions, sign language translation)

scribe: Shane's opinion is that happens in a different part of the hierarchy. Janina is reasonably okay with the answer. What happens when the resources are coming from multiple servers?
... in such a case there could be an issue with synchronization.
... we would like to see examples that would show the use of alternative media to help show that this is expected support.

2) Is the API that is defined in the spec well described in prose such that users can understand what the API is achieving?

scribe: this has been an issue for a while in lots of specs. It is important to describe in words so that you can assess if the API is up to the task.

3) There is a chart that has alt text, but would benefit from longdesc or possibly even accessible SVG.

janina: proposes doing a CFC about comments from PF and this call. Send preview to the authoring group

<Zakim> JF, you wanted to also ask about non-media content, like WebVTT files

JF: Some of the support stuff is not media content. It is WebVTT content or whatever. Not clear if those pieces are being pulled through.
... at some point there is a call to a piece of media content.

janina: it would be helpful understanding what piece puts the total user experience together.

chaals: roughly shane is on the money. synchronization layering happens above MSE.
... MediaController is likely to disappear from HTML.
... a diagram of how the layers fit together would be helpful - okay to ask MSE group to help with that.
... it would be reasonable to ask for accessible SVG but also ask for a description.

ShaneM: I think things like WebVTT are at a higher level and should just work - if any of this works at all.

janina: Does the procedure outlined make sense?

<chaals> [Yes, ask for a week of extension on comments, with explanation, and run the CfC…]


<liam> +1

<JF> +1

Housekeeping Updates -- Work Statement, Decision Policy, Etc.

janina: migration from old groups to new groups. new lists, archives, etc.
... things will change. Webex etc.

Check in early in the year - maybe on the 7th? No more meetings this year

Next meeting will be 7 January 2016. new infrastructure then.

Last item is that we need to update the work statement and decision policy. Will be web platforms and APA instead of HTML and PFWG.

scribe: if there are other tweaks to the decision policy etc please inform the group before the 7th.

<Zakim> liam, you wanted to note we don't actually need to move wiki pages

liam: we can choose whether to move wikis. The fact that letters PF appear in the URI is orthogonal to the administrative structure. Its up to us.
... the webex call will change

janina: what about email lists?

liam: no need unless the names cause confusion

chaals: I would suggest that we do not change the wiki and the email lists.
... .the existing name is reasonable
... web platform did not change its mailing list name
... did move wiki to github. not entirely a win.

janina: I'm happy with that.
... No additional comments. I will let Michael know and copy Liam.

Alt Doc Update -- Janina

janina: this is on hold because we expect we will adopt some new requirements and use cases
... seems to be consensus to move in the direction of detail / summary. Some things to be worked out. Disambiguation via @role, for example.
... if you want to participate in the next ARIA conversation about this, it will be discussed next week on ARIA.

If there is consensus on that call, there will be a CFC and then get the alt document updated accordingly.

JF: 17th of december the ARIA call is at 12:30 eastern time
... IRC is #aria

Footnotes Update -- Shane

There is a wiki. Nothing new to report yet.

Accessibility API Update -- Cynthia

TF Open Actions http://w3.org/wai/pf/html/track

Action on janina was to ask for wider review of Alt. Overcome by events for now. Put it off until Feb

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There was an action on janina was to ask for wider review of Alt. Overcome by events for now. Put it off until Feb

<trackbot> Error finding '334'. You can review and register nicknames at <http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/track/users>.

<chaals> action-334 due jan 28

<trackbot> Set action-334 Send out note requestiong wider review (includes wcag and eo) due date to 2015-01-28.

No other action item updates today

chaals: note that the web platform chairs are working on making HTML editable again.

Accessibility API Update -- Cynthia

Other Business

<liam> http://emmyonline.com/tech_67th_recipients ANNUAL TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING EMMY® AWARDS

liam: Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards were in September

ceremony on 8 January.

<liam> "Standardization and Pioneering Development of Non-Live Broadband Captioning"

W3C got an award. Yay us

<janina> e-champaigne all around!

<chaals> [yay]

<janina> MAUR is now a W3C Note: http://www.w3.org/TR/media-accessibility-reqs/

janina: since last telecom MAUR is a published note

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