Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

22 Sep 2015


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AWK, wayne, EricE, Laura, Kathy, marcjohlic, MichaelC, David_MacDonald, jon_avila, Wayne
Moe, Louis_Cheng, Mike_Elledge, Srini, Bruce_Bailey


<trackbot> Date: 22 September 2015

<MichaelC> +MichaelC


<scribe> Scribe: David

QuickRef update (Eric)

<yatil> http://w3c.github.io/wai-wcag-quickref/

Eric: Fixing bugs behind the scenes, so not much visual change but back end is improving

<yatil> Collecting what should be in the introductory text

Trying to to ensure the old how to meet functionality is not gone... see issue 27, feel free to contribute...

<yatil> Collecting feedback on the tags/taxonomy of the success criteria

Tagging success criteria, james and katie have feedback

<yatil> Feedback on jumping back to the TOC

eric: issue reported by David, would like comments... issue 22

David wanted backspace to return to the table of contents when you go somewhere with the table of contents. I would like comments.

Eric wonders if its a windows that uses backspace. David says probably...

<jon_avila> * FWIW backspace does not go back in Safari in general on Mac but that backspace does work in Chrome on Mac

<jon_avila> * Agree with Eric -- Webkit browsers do have issues with focus not shifting correctly

<AWK> Jon says "FWIW backspace does not go back in Safari in general on Mac but that backspace does work in Chrome on Mac"

Eric: Firefox does it right and the rest don't
... Thanks for the comments

Charter Update (Chairs/Michael)

<jon_avila> +1

<AWK> +1

<marcjohlic> +1

Jon says "FWIW backspace does not go back in Safari in general on Mac but that backspace does work in Chrome on Mac"

AWK: Charter has been accepted. Seems objections have been resolved... looks like we are chartered...

<scribe> Pending final approval

AWK: Objections have been resolved... is a better way to say it, until it is accepted

If not we are out of charter as of Thrusday... this will mean that we will be chartered to produced normative extensions.

Michael: Should be official soon

<yatil> +1 Thanks for the hard work, Chairs and Michael!

<jon_avila> Thanks Andrew and Josh (and others) for getting the charter through!

Mobile Accessibility TF Update (Kathy)

Laura: Thanks to chairs and Michael for hard work!

<Kathy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/mobile-a11y-tf/wiki/Touch_Accessibility_%28Guideline_2.5%29

<Kathy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/mobile-a11y-tf/wiki/Technique_Development_Assignments

Kathy: Mobile teasing out techniques and success Criteria, guidelines

<AWK> David: will contribute some thoughts

<AWK> ... 2 weeks ago came up with idea about new guideline

<AWK> ... make it easier for users to operate touch and pointer functionality

<AWK> ... underneath that are more detailed items


<AWK> ... discussion page is being updated

<AWK> ... lots of opinions

<AWK> ... SC's need to be testable, usable, etc

<AWK> ... interested in group's thoughts on a new guideline

<AWK> ... an alternative way to proceed is to not alter the WCAG 2.0 SC

<AWK> ... I (David) think that we can do both potentially

<AWK> ... new techniques (M1-17) are mapped to current SC's now

WCAG WG Priorities survey: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/20150922Misc/


<scribe> Scribe: David

Kathy: Looking for holes, do we need new guidelines and success criteria
... Kim has been working on speech.
... It's not been easy... we are still in discussions, good feedback

Joshue: Keep up the good progress

AWK: Looking at priorities #1 Developing aria and html, extension requirements, techniques from mobile task force

Joshue: That's about right


<jon_avila> Perhaps a magic square quadrant would be better.

AWK: For me. 1) nail down extension requirements, 2) clarify the process for external technique submissions 3) Reviewing the techniques

4) ATAG and UAAG not renewed, our charter discusses a charter for a new working group, what we need in future guidelines and publish a requirements document for that.

After that updating techniques, adding additional techniques for aria and html

Other things not as important

Kathy: as far as task force, ext requirements and reviewing techniques go hand and hand, look at them together... both ranked high... mobile accessibility task force, look at thqt and discussion out of that

we have techniques that didn't fit into existing success criteria...

<AWK> David: Agree with Kathy

<AWK> ... there are techs that don't fit into existing SC well so there is a need for extension requirements clarity

<AWK> ... we may need to use "if" language for some success criteria

<AWK> ... that may be hard

Marc: Biggest important thing is for us to have techniques for or mobile etc... techniques are very useful.

AWK: Agree with Kathy and David. are the Extensions going to have SC and guidelines, what are the requirements for that.

requirements documents are not long, bitnmaking sure we provide clarity of the oaramitors you can work within

if we want to adopt alll requirements for WCAG 2 regarding testable, backward compatibility etc... what about conformance, to conconfomr WCAg + ext it means this

Kathy: Making sure parameter fit within WCAG, finding out new guideline vs, new success criteria, we are going to hit things that don't fit into the existing WCAG, and within extensions, what about crossover issues between cognitive, mobile low visipn etc

want to ensure cosistent way across all taskforces...

Joshue: May want to merge extensions if there is a lot of overhang

Kathy: Speech, some things not just mobile, some things that are requirements for mobile but not only mobile, how do we integrate them...

David: Perhaps at the end we will combine ALL of the groups together into just ONE extensionto WCAG which combines low vision, mobile and cognitive

<Zakim> jamesn, you wanted to ask what extension requirements means?

James: My question same as marc's

Laura: I rank extension requirments number one also

<laura> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/WCAG_2_Extension_Principles

<laura> We have done some work on principles in the Wiki, which we could update and continue work on.

AWK anyone want a change in these priorities

Marc: Maybe I should think .... with difficulties of timing, maybe making it easy to contribute would speed things up, rate that higher

AWK: Reality, getting a ton of techniques for ARIA not much time... other W3C groups.
... actual bandwidth doesn't match out real bandwidth... let's grease skids for outside contributors


Joshue: we have to be careful not to make WCAG more complicated.

David: The industry has changed. When we were writing WCAg we weren't as busy because WCAg was not required in law and policy... but now our career's are swamped...

AWK: Priority : "Determine features needed in future WAI accessibility guidelines and publish requirements"

We could propose to close WCAG after ATAG, and UAAG close, and do something totally new

Theoretically, we could do WCAG 2.1 or WCAG 3 WAI2020 etc...

Michael: we are working on how we need authoring guidelines to evolve...

We don't have sope to work on those topics, don't know the way forward, use this time now to explore those issues...

We will seek input from ATAG and UAAG stakeholderw to input, do we want to incorporate some of their work into ours

<jon_avila> The 508 refresh includes some criteria from ATAG. DOJ is attempting to requirement in settlements.

AWK: Will decide what or if we have their work is incorporated...

AWK the others Updating existing techniques

Items in the charter include: Developing additional techniques for HTML5 and ARIA

Updating the Understanding document for greater clarity

Clarify process for external submission of technique edits and new techniques

Reviewing techniques and other information from Mobile, Cognitive, and Low-Vision TFs

Extension requirements

Determine features needed in future WAI accessibility guidelines and publish requirements

Respond to public comments on WCAG 2.0 and supporting documents

Participate in work on documentation of accessibility support, including other WAI work on an accessibility support database to store crowd-sourced accessibility support information

Collaborate with other groups to expand the set of test samples for WCAG 2.0 techniques


AWK: We are chartered to respond to comments...

Techniques items survey: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/20150922Survey/



James: Concerned that it will not all CSS before, after

John: Concerned that we are using CSS to add non decorative images

Could it affect users who turn off CSS

can James, people like to use image sorites and we try to give them a way to do it...

John: I want to make sure that when we zoom in things still work

AWK: Will leave survey open

James: awe should have a proposed reqonse to commenter and this is what gives us context

AWK: I'll add that

AWK if people can look at these two items that would be good.

<laura> Bye. Thanks.

AWK please work on issues

<AWK> trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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