03 Sep 2015


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janina, Tzviya, Markus, Ivan


<scribe> Agenda:

* DPUB roles in ARIA Core - yes or no, prefix or no

* Link roles: in ARIA or @rel registry?

* update on timeline for additional dpub roles to be added to draft

* update on DPUB AAM progress

<scribe> scribenick: mgylling

DPUB roles in ARIA Core

<tzviya> chair: tzviya

tzviya: whether we should shift some of the DPUB roles into aria core, and whether to use the prefix

<tzviya> markus: this is a double-edged sword. adding to core would increase uptake, but splitting the vocab could lead to confusion

markus: in the worst case, we would have properties in DPUB, ARIA, and @rel registry

tzviya: think this will come again up as other modules are added

… on the one hand you could say that people are already looking at ARIA for document structure, if we have glossary as part of core, and glossary-reference as part of DPUB, its kind of dissonant

ivan: janina, markus raised the issue that if a value goes into core, if it hyphenspaceless then it has more chances to be understood by AT… is that really the case? Could AT not accept properties that keep dpub-?

janina: it could work both ways, AT is already picking up ARIA roles, OTOH DPUB space is also an attractive space, seems a rather easy thing to add

ivan: is it possible to say that we have the DPUB hyphenspace module, and somehow in the core ARIA spec there is a reference to DPUB properties, that we consider part of core, but defined in DPUB spec?

janina: probably the easiest one to move through to TR

ivan: the authors of an ebook would just know dpub- and nothing else, from that perspective we are fine

rich: which ones are we talking about?

matt: chapter and one or two others

ivan: we have the notion of chapter, aria value is dpub-chapter once and for all, but its still part of the core, and defined normatively in dpub spec

<tzviya> https://github.com/w3c/aria/issues/51 identifies the roles that Core is interested in harvesting

ivan: pushing all dpub roles in the first seems to be too much

janina: rich is that true?

rich: we need to give them runway

… MS said we want to be able to support the ARIA spec, later we can support the publishing module

rich: getting some roles into core wouldnt buy you much

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: migrate nothing to ARIA core at this point

janina: agrees, keep it simple

matt: isnt in education issue? splitting would make life harder for publishers, we should make people aware that aria is expanding using modules

RESOLUTION: migrate nothing to ARIA core at this point

link roles

matt: noteref, glossref, biblioref, etc

markus: has link roles been discussed in ARIA before?

rich: no, but discussions is ongoing in the cognitive taskforce @@@

<tzviya> http://microformats.org/wiki/rel

tzviya: if there was rel=description, then people would be a lot more comfortable using rel for descriptions

janina: is this only for HTML or also for SVG?

… think that would be the basis for supporting ARIA doing the same thing that rel does

… otherwise we have to answer why not use rel

rich: SVG does not have rel

<richardschwerdtfeger> https://svgwg.org/svg2-draft/attindex.html

janina: we know we want to do this to SVG, and maybe other markup languages as well, there’s the argument for putting this into ARIA

rich: I dont think we’ll get this in SVG2

ivan: the only additional problem is that rel is also used in other settings in RDFa

markus: how does that impact us?

ivan: there may be default namespaceless properties, so there may be a low probability of clashes

RESOLUTION: keep link roles in aria draft for now, await further input from the community

rich: AT doesnt currently make use of @rel

additional dpub roles

markus: for me, tzviya matt and sanders to work on

tzviya: once we decide which roles to add it wont take long, but we need time to discuss things

<tzviya> tzviya: we'll aim to finish additional DPUB roles by latest mid-Oct

update on DPUB AAM

<tzviya> rich: working on ARIA 1.1 and SVG, DPUB AAM is on the list

<tzviya> no meeting next week (10 Septemeber)

<tzviya> review period oF FPWD is coming to a close, we will close out the issues, all of which predate publication

Summary of Action Items

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