Protocols and Formats Working Group Teleconference

12 Aug 2015

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Tzviya_Siegman, Joanmarie, Fred, Rich
Shane, Cynthia, Michael, Michiel


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ARIA.Next Items

Decision Policy Draft http://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/decision-policy

js: are we set for tomorrow?

ts: we also have aria/dpub call

Draft APA Home Page http://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/

js: is there feedback on the prototype APA web page?

fe: where does the style come from?
... style looks old

ts: WAI doesn't look like this

js: no control over style

fe: I think the annotation work group looks nicer

ts: agrees the WAI page looks dated

js: will forward comment on style

TPAC 2013 Update

Decision Policy Draft http://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/decision-policy

rs: duplicate charter link/patent policy under join
... anything on liasons?
... task forces - I think you should mention who else is on the task force
... need link for docs

js: under current work
... have a compliant on missing decision policy, we have a draft decision policy,
... we have an addition to the decision policy and not close a decision if regular contributors are on vacation...
... also may want to have longer time for feedback - usually 48 hours but can make it longer, Judy asks us to make the feedback time to a week

rs: why do we need a week?

js: some argue that we have people all over the world... may need time...

rs: a week is too long for everything

js: I agree a week is too long for everything

rs: maybe for a formal vote - OK, but for day-to-day that is too long, if someone finds an issue in the minutes, then we can take it up
... don't want to do this for details...

js: we decided going forward we will log every decision

jd: recording everything may be too much, but we can record that - I already put details in an action

rs: I don't want to go through every resolution and paste that on a page

jd: I will volunteer for ARIA

rs: what about task forces?

js: we typically close by logging a resolution
... what if someone can scrape it from the minutes
... it really helps to be systematic about the subject
... If I am consistent on CFC and the subject we can use a scraper to pick that up

jd: if we use github to track issues, in my commint message, then it appears in github for you
... when do we have to state what we are going to do about decisions?

js: can 't make a policy until we are chartered and not in August (too many folks on vacation)

jd: loves github for keeping track of stuff

js: all the time to discuss doesn't count as part of the week, the week starts after a CFC has been put out

jd: rich and my concerns are about details from a spec writer

js: we may need a yardstick for deciding, in the decision policy

jd: devils advocate - maybe we should only do things over email and no meetings

js: very few significant decisions where there is not a CFC
... feedback for Judy? Not everyone here, we usually put a CFC...

jd: wrt spec work, jd has some ideas on this....

js: one idea we already came up with, is what does not have to have a CFC - a yradsitck

Summary of Action Items

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