Automotive Working Group Teleconference
04 Aug 2015


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Paul, Dave, Hira, Kaz, QingAn, Ted, Wonsuk_Lee, Adam, Hashimoto


Seattle F2F Recap

Paul: we spent quite a bit of time on security at the F2F

<kaz> draft minutes from Seattle meeting

Paul: Craig Smith presented, minutes were being reviewed and will be announced
... we spent a fair amount of time flushing out use cases
... I wrote a short process for reviewing use cases

-> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-automotive/2015Aug/0002.html High Level Use Case Process Overview

F2F Sapporo

Paul: for the BG F2F we'll look to having it in Seoul in Genivi

Adam: Genivi wondered if we want to give an update at the All Member Meeting in Seoul
... some combination of Paul, myself, Ted and Kaz could present but would encourage others from the group to contribute

Paul: I registered already and can chime in

Wonsuk: I can join

<kaz> Genivi 13th all member meeting - 20-23 Oct. 2015

Adam: I'll send something to the mailing list

Ted: I can help too. Is this a breakout session like last time or in front of their full membership?

Paul: it looks like it will be the same as last time

Ted: OK, I'll also follow up with Genivi inviting them to Sapporo

Adam: The BG meeting is set for Friday of that week

Kaz: the 23rd?

Paul: correct

[There will be a presentation to Genivi during a breakout session on W3C Auto activity on Thursday the 22nd of October]

[The BG will have F2F meeting in Seoul on the 23rd of October]

Kaz: Osamu Nakamura would prefer the BG meeting in Sapporo

Paul: what we settled on during the F2F in Germany was the BG in Seoul and WG in Sapporo
... there are many people involved in Genivi who are in the BG

Adam: I am fine with it as well
... having the BG people join us in Sapporo is fine too

Ted: we did agree to have it this way with inviting BG to be observers in Sapporo. This gets us the broadest exposure to both audiences

Hira: how many OEM tend to join Genivi based BG meetings?

Paul: we tend to get 20-30 and have had in the past PSA, GM, BMW, Honda, Nissan and JLR

Adam: we can propose to Genivi having a breakout session on privacy and security work taking place at W3C
... that way we can get additional perspective on our work
... we might get a fair number of people and there is an entire security section within Genivi

Hira: thank you and I agree that would be a good idea

Adam: I would be happy to and would like people to help propose an outline agenda for such a discussion

Ted: I like Adam's idea too. We hope to have some OEM join us in Sapporo and believe Kaz and Osamu are working on that
... I will reach out to Steve Crumb and Philippe Robin on filling their open seats, potentially with Philippe from PSA for LBS work we want to further in the BG

<inserted> kaz: how to get registered with the Genivi meeting? At least we need to reserve the hotel, don't we?

<inserted> paul: will circulate the information to the group

Use Case Process and Progress

Paul: after cleaning up the use cases we will find a permanent home for them. should we try to review them on this call?

Ted: I believe separate, offline reviews with email summaries would make the most sense. I think I saw Wonsuk send such an email to other editors
... I'm willing to do a review too and have thoughts on a few more

Paul: that makes sense

Spec Issues and Progress

Paul: Wonsuk any progress on the open issues related to the spec?

Wonsuk: Kevron thought we were reaching concensus on issue 37 but I am not convinced
... I would like more feedback from outside the group
... that is the current status
... there was a separate discussion on fuel type and need to look at Adam Crofts' proposal
... we need to keep in mind server side eg node.js instead of just browser in an ivi

Paul: I see our primary platform being a web runtime in an ivi system but it doesn't have to be

Adam: I agree it is typically a web runtime application in eg crosswalk or browser on ivi
... Genivi has a group looking at different environments
... they are settling on Chromium as stable and extensible
... it could be used from a headless browser
... JLR has done a fair amount of work on crosswalk for instance and pushed some work to Auto grade Linux project

Dave: if you are writing a html5 app for one of these head units how do you handle background processes?

Adam: crosswalk can handle that

Paul: there are web workers in Tizen where apps are running in their own processes
... with crosswalk there is one in the foreground at a time and rest can be in bg

Wonsuk: service workers provide backgroup processing and a push API
... geofencing specification from geolocation working group is based on service worker because it requires background processing
... we can also use that mechanism for our applications

Paul: yes

Ted: I imagine we'll see people use our API in a number of different environments
... and not just in the head unit

Kaz: we can have a joint session with Geolocation working group at Sapporo since they will be around then

<kaz> TPAC schedule page

Adam: can you (Kaz and Ted) come back to the group with the various groups we might want to liaison with in Sapporo?

Kaz: I already am seeing if Geo wants to coordinate

<kaz> list of related groups on the Charter

Ted: Yes, Privacy IG comes to mind if they are meeting then and I'll take another look at our charter of all the different potential liaisons listed

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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