Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference

01 Apr 2015

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npdoty, Wendy, Carl_Cargill, hefferjr, dsinger, [FTC], moneill2, schunter, Chris_Pedigo
kulick, justin


<trackbot> Date: 01 April 2015

<scribe> scribenick: npdoty

Carl_cargill: hope to have a short call today, to transition TPE to Candidate Recommendation
... sent an email last week with Roy's diff about the changes
... asked for comments about any substantial changes

<dsinger> can you lay out what the timing for TCS is?

Carl_cargill: didn't hear significant or substantial comment on that thread
... trying to close down TPE now, seems no one found substantial change

dsinger: concerned about going to CR before we've gone to LC on TCS
... can put TPE to one side for a bit, in case important comments come in on LC for Compliance

npdoty: fine either way. we are getting close to Last Call on Compliance

<dsinger> for me, it’s only a gentle question, am willing to follow the group, as long as we’ve thought about it

<dsinger> I am totally fine with taking the resolution to proceed to CR with LC on TCS

npdoty: for at least some questions/changes in Compliance, wouldn't require changes back to TPE, because the list of qualifiers is defined in Compliance

<moneill2> +1

<schunter> No objection against the content of the TPE - ready for CR

<wseltzer> Cargill: TPE is ready to move to CR; we are delaying to ensure that the two are aligned when TCS goes to LC

<schunter> For alighment, we will wait with the formal transition some weeks until the date we push the TCS into LC.

Carl: would like to minute that the TPE is ready to move to Candidate Recommendation, but delay for now so that in alignment with the TCS, because it's easier to make any changes that way if necessary

<wseltzer> ... right now, the document is ready to move to CR

Carl: any objections?

<dsinger> +1

not hearing any

<wseltzer> [no objections]

dsinger: agreeing on moving TPE to CR with the Compliance document moving to Last Call

<wseltzer> RESOLVED: the TPE will move to CR when TCS goes to last call

schunter: questions on "tracking data"

dsinger: agree with fielding that a straightforward approach is to remove reliance on the term at all

<wseltzer> npdoty: a couple reminders

<wseltzer> ... Justin sent a list of issues we think we can close. Please review.


<dsinger> alternatively, simply define tracking data as data that results from and shows evidence of tracking.

<wseltzer> schunter: I'd just close them

and a Working Draft publication from yesterday, as an fyi: http://www.w3.org/TR/2015/WD-tracking-compliance-20150331/

<wseltzer> Carl_cargill: if we don't get any requests for discussion on Justin's list, we'll call it closed

Carl_cargill: if any objections or changes to Justin's email about issue closing list, let us know; otherwise we'll close those next week.

chris_pedigo: question on process, after we finish issues with Compliance

<wseltzer> npdoty: To clarify, next step for TCS is Last Call

<wseltzer> ... asking for public comments on Compliance

<wseltzer> ... and we've agreed simultaneoulsy to move to CR on TPE

<wseltzer> ... CR is a call for implementations

<wseltzer> ... saying, this doc is stable enough for implementations

<wseltzer> ... on TCS, we're asking for wide review, and plan to process those comments

<wseltzer> ... as we have for TPE

<wseltzer> Chris_Pedigo: what's the timeline for LC?

<wseltzer> npdoty: process requires 2 weeks, for TCS, we did 2 months

<wseltzer> Carl_cargill: Next week is Justin's list of issues on TCS

<wseltzer> ... and see what else we have to do to get TCS to LC

<moneill2> bye

<wseltzer> ... See you next week.

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