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This page enumerates ideas of potential features that the WG did not feel to have enough time for, and which could be handled by Community Groups or future W3C working groups.

  • Compact Syntaxes. A Compact Syntax similar to ShExC for a subset of SHACL Core is being published as a WG note. Some people in the WG believe that a cleaned up JSON-LD may also go along way to reach a wide enough audience. It would not require any new parser and (in contrast to a ShEx-like syntax) would cover all features of SHACL. Other proposed alternatives such as an Excel-spreadsheet format suggested by Thomas Francart indicate that various compact syntaxes may evolve from 3rd parties.
  • SHACL endpoint protocol, see Issue-71
  • SHACL Shapes for popular vocabularies - such as Schema.org, FIBO, etc.
  • Defining subsets of recursive shapes - currently, validation of recursive shapes is left to implementations. It is possible to define specific dialects of SHACL where recursion is well-defined.